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  1. Who created the religion of "christ?" Saul.
    Who came to bring truth? Jesus.
    Who ruined Jesus' reputation? Saul.
    Who warned us of Saul's lies? Jesus
    Who IS lies? Saul.
    Who IS truth? Jesus.
    Who will keep you in bondage? Saul
    Who will set you free? Jesus
    Choose Jesus.

  2. Dear brother 💞 thank you for that beautiful prayer….you echo our hearts. Look forward to seeing you in 1000 year kingdom. Jesus said he will never leave us or forsake us🙏🏼

  3. R.D. Has a mind that though in theory clever, is completely dull, deadly dark and totally unable to drink in, sing of or swell and grow in the magnificence of our God and Saviour and the beautiful world He has made.
    All glory be to Jesus Christ the Lord! Despite the world 'going to hell in a hand cart' as the old saying goes, God is still in control.

  4. The ultimate Non-meme:
    The complete stitched together, with an array of linings, gold, silver, diamonds with their facets, and a crimson cloth lining, throughout its words spoken by God Himself,
    The Word of God,
    Who is
    The Lord Jesus Christ.
    His Gospel is the non-meme that actually makes sense and will over-archingly change and destroy all memes,
    Ushering in His Kingdom
    That will last forever.

  5. Everybody needs to know this!

    The whole world is drunk on the doctrines of Babylon.

    INCLUDING and ESPECIALLY the visible Christian church!

    PLEASE if you can sense the deadness of the institutional churches and different ministries but can't put your finger on it. I'm pleading with you to understand something very important here. The mainstream Christian system is not of God.

    Rev 17:5 – "Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots, And Abominations Of The Earth."

    Mystery Babylon The Great is the Vatican – “And the woman which thou sawest, is that great Citie which reigneth ouer the kings of the earth.” – Rev 17:18

    And she has harlot daughters which represent the protestant church world.

    And “the Abominations Of The Earth” are corrupt scriptures.

    And the final bible that will unite all faiths is called Wormwood/the Abomination of desolation. http://cvillebiblebaptist.com/AdultEducation/Vatican%20and%20United%20Nations%20Bible.pdf

    And Jesus Christ is calling His people out.

    Rev 18:4

    “And I heard another voice from heauen, saying, Come out of her, my people, that yee be not partakers of her sinnes, and that yee receiue not of her plagues:”

    The most important thing to understand is that GOD CAN BE TRUSTED to preserve His word for every generation forever as He promises us in Psalms 12:6-7 and you do not need men to teach you.

    1 John 2:27

    “But the anointing which ye haue receiued of him, abideth in you: and yee need not that any man teach you: But, as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is trueth, and is no lye: and euen as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.”

    It’s vital to know, especially right now, that God has kept His word in tact.

    There is still an every word testimony with us!

    The following clip by Reg Block is what the Lord used to open my eyes to the truth of Gods promises in Mark 13:31, Psalm 12:6-7, Psalms 138:2, and Matt 4:4 and so on.

    It’s not more lifeless information. It is powerful and life changing and I’m grateful for it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAMOquyQu-8&list=PLJ1pVbTWV8GUvmMivHA9WefKX988rxOpK&index=5

    The next video is a lesson by John Doerr on the pure word of God in the English language, which is found in the av1611 kjv. This is a much different testimony than the King James bible you are able to easily find in the churches and the so called "Christian bookstores". Please pray and genuinely take this before the Lord. He will show you. (Prepare to be attacked once you start down this path) The devil and his ministers don’t want this going out.


    I prayed a long time to know what the truth was, because over the years I grew increasingly confused, frustrated, misguided and so on.. But like most of us, I kept returning to church Sunday after next hoping something would change. If I sang more, prayed harder, got more involved, etc, …maybe something would give. But nothing ever did. I must have walked a thousand isles. It had gotten to a point where a friend at the time said, “just try and sing". He meant well, but it was always disingenuous so I never did. Long story short – my whole Christian life was that way until recently. (powerless) God has since saved me through genuine faith alone in Jesus Christ and now my labouring has finally ceased and I share in the Lords light burden and easy yoke. I’m born again of the Spirit.

    I really hope this reaches somebody. If this is you… honestly, please look into what I’m saying. God is rich in mercy and His patience is unmatched. He's been drawing me for a long time. Maybe He’s drawing you too and this is the message you needed.

    There is still hope.

    This link is a series of interviews between Reg Block and John Doerr that go in depth regarding Johns trip to England for the purposes of co-producing three films: A lamp in the dark, Tares among the wheat and A bridge to babylon.

    The three films (free to watch), cover the history of the bible. More specifically the preservation of Gods word and the measures that have been taken to cast doubt on, and ultimately destroy it.

    (it's a treasure of information for the Saints) – find the first interview to start on.


    here is one very final clip on the "servants of Lucifer"


    "(if it were possible,) they shall deceiue the very elect.”

    It’s imperative to understand that the av1611 is much different than the 1769 KJV that most believe is the true 1611 but is not. The KJV only movement doesn’t use the authorized version of 1611 either.

    This is the bible that Rome has been trying to destroy and cast doubt on since its inception. Everything, from the gun powder plot to false rumours of King James being gay. It contains all the prophecies in tact. Things like, what is the mark of the beast, what is wormwood, who and what is Antichrist, who are Leviathan and Behemoth representations of, and so on.

    If the scriptures are broken, the prophets are killed and the church can’t hear what the Spirit is saying.

    freely ye haue receiued, freely giue.”

    Matt 10:8

  6. Dear Brothers, I would like to share a piece of information with you, but please let everyone check it out for themselves. In the 2011 animated film "Cars 2," the following is depicted: The american secret agent Rod "Torque" Redline is filled up under duress with eco-fuel called "Allinol" and afterwards irradiated with electromagnetic waves. These heat him up and let him burn respectively overheat his engine. This because he knew the truth about it. The topic is further presented in the film in all clarity. Please watch it for yourselves.

    Let's make a leap in time to the year 2020: We have the coronavirus and are now to be vaccinated. The vaccination is presented as harmless and is distributed free of charge in various countries. We have been facing the introduction of 5G for quite some time. We know how hellywood and of course Pixar, which belongs to walt disney and is therefore under masonic ownership, manipulates but often shows what the devil and his servants are up to. So vaccination alone will not do any significant harm. But in combination with electromagnetic waves it will be deadly. Many Christians – controlled by the fear of the virus – will let themselves be blinded. In other words, before the 5G system is switched on, as many as possible will first be vaccinated to prove that the vaccination is harmless. A classic seduction, in other words.

    I ask you to consider the following: In the Garden of Eden, the serpent came and seduced Adam and Eve just as similarly in connection with the fruit forbidden by God from the Tree of Knowledge. Whoever would eat of it should absolutely die, our Heavenly Father declared. With the vaccination, we may likewise assume a seduction of the serpent, who is the devil. Whoever accepts it is lost. But whoever believes that the only vaccination that will lead to peace with our Almighty Creator is the blood of Jesus Christ will live forever. The Son of God took all our guilt, all our sins, upon Himself on the cross of Golgotha. Therefore, entrust yourselves with all your heart to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, and stop trusting the powerless people.

    With love from switzerland!

  7. Just found you channel. Where the heck have you been all my life. Watched your earlier series. Glory to God but great editing and music track choices! Nice to find another intelligent believer shattering the bullshit science 🙏

  8. Truly,..I am inspired by your logic and clarity of scripture, and your love for God during time of a great deception of information. I am thanking God for how God is using you. Another great video!

  9. If Dawkins was consistent with his thinking, religion is merely a chance thinking like the big bang is chance thinking. Neither should matter in his worldview, but it really concerns Dawkins that many people are religious. He does not believe in his own nonsense.


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