Paul Keith and Amy Davis are powerful prophetic leaders who bring a NOW word from Heaven to encourage you in the days ahead.

Join us for a dynamic time of prophetic revelation from two people who are truly friends of the Holy Spirit.



  1. Interesting listening to this video, there is so much to meditate on. Paul talked about rising up from our concerns in the material world and strive for the heavenly realm. Two days ago I had a dream and I knew it was a dream of importance as I thought "I better remember this dream, when I wake up. " I was in space observing this reel of film which was my life. I took from this that my life in the material realm is theatre and my real existence is somewhere greater than our reality. Paul confirmed this for me. 🙏🙏❤❤

  2. Its building from the Fathers heart. God told me he has left his best wine for the last days of this Era & to carry the blueprint of the new era to be established on this earth.
    These ones overcame satan by the blood of the lamb & the word of their testimony & even unto death. Rev 12:11


  3. Amen Brother, to soar as an Eagle. To view Gods bigger picture & decree what God shows us , establishing the Gods plan , his kingdom.

  4. The only way to overcome that mentality is to seek God's help. You must give your heart to Jesus and he will change your heart. You cannot do that on your own…. Make time every day, every day to pray and seek the help of Jesus to live more and more the way you should and ask him for help in everything. We arent always changed overnight. But live a life of repentance. As soon as you are aware you sinned, dont wait to pray. Repent immediately and pray for forgiveness. Jesus is your only hope. Choose him every day. When the world attracts you, choose Jesus. God's mercy is upon you to give you dreams and give you the understanding of the times we live in. Nothing in this world compares to what God has prepared for those who love him! I dont think we are 10 years from the rapture…I dont think we are two years from it. Stay on the path of redemption my friend…do not depart from it. If you fall, get up, seek forgiveness and start again. Do not practice sin, work to get out of it day by day. The holy spirit will help you by making those things less attractive and more uncomfortable and unpleasant for you. You wont want to keep doing them as long as it is your will to follow Jesus and to work on your relationship with him by praying and reading his words to you in the bible. God bless you and I cant wait to see you in heaven!

  5. So, if we are doing this in unity, how are you making sure we remove the spiritual taint of racism and white supremacy? Can you handle that if vhrist returns he will be a black man? There is a spiritual reason racism is the #1 conversation- if you don't speak on it, who are you leading?


    7 min that will CHANGE how you 👀 SEE 👀 EVERYTHING ~ DON'T WATCH an remain in wounderland ~ May YASUHA keep an BLESS YOU am YOUR FAMILY ~ Apostle Tiz ~ 👃💕☝️👃💕☝️👃💕☝️ ~ Where We Go From Here, Is Up To You ~ WELCOME TO THE MATRIX ~ 🙏💕☝💕🙏💕❤❤💕☝🙏🙏💕☝🙏❤❤


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