God bless you!



  1. I haven't had any dreams but I actually had a vision walking in manhattan ny in time square and I smelt rotten flesh death and this white smoke coming from the bottomless pit the smell I smelt was coming from there and it was horrible I no only God will show u what hell is like

  2. WOW, Can definitely be from God! But one remark please and don't take it Harshly. Please take it as from a sister of yours who wants to be in Heaven with you: AVE MARIA can not save you in that day of terror! Jesus Christ can! God has given "JESUS CHRIST' all the power in Heaven and on Earth! MARIA told many people who had visions/dreams: Go! and tell Humanity to pray to Jesus! He is the only way to Heaven! I can not save any! NOT ONE! SADLY, MARIA is the only one crying in heaven 🙁 GOD BLESS!

  3. WOW! WOW! WOW! I TOO, GOT THE FLASH OF LIGHT IN MY PROPHETIC DREAM IN OCTOBER! YUP! I also had a dream waaaay back when I was a kid that I was running from Helicopter-like robots with 2 children and there was no where to hide. MARANATHA!

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