What is the Future of AI Integration? | Jeremy Gutsche

Electro the Smoking Robot at the 1939 New York World’s Fair

Futurama at 1939 World’s Fair

Inside Taiwan’s Tech Industry

Kazakhstan Pavilion, Nur Alem-Museum, Expo 2017 Astana

Ray Kurzweil at Ci2019 – The Future of Intelligence, Artificial and Natural


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  1. The Oracle at Delphi

    A Hebrew boy, a god among the blessed, bids me to leave this house forever and go back to Hades. So in silence go from my altars. – The response from the Delphic Oracle when the Emperor Augustus had asked, "Why are you Silent?"

  2. What the world has turned into, what a crazy place.
    To that person who said it sounds like a mental breakdown,. Yes it is.
    Just in my way to my state slave job everyday people are trying to kill each other just to get to the next red light first, they love the pagan Holliday's yet hate to shop for people.
    Yes what a world we live in and it will only get worse before GOD will set matters straight by way of Jesus.
    Let keep our eye on the prize, as it's just around the bend, Paradise here on Earth as the Bible tells of, not the o God took him or her home lie, it's the God will resurrect you from death truth as it is written, this we must focus on.

  3. Boys going to have cars we're not going to have flying cars the lucky we even have cars the powers-that-be don't want to give us anything that makes life too convenient they want to keep us as slaves and don't want to spoil us with luxury

  4. Apropos "machine man"…, do you know that famous British hypnotists (black magician) that hypnotised some guy into admitting he had done a murder when he had not? Anyway, in one of his stage shows he has a doll, some old doll he says, made by some man who lost his son to look like his son, something like that. There is a key to start the doll up then it takes over, well, it takes over some poor guy in the audience. When it was first shown, back in the day, people in the audience claimed they had been possesed. Of course, "today we don't believe in such hokum, and the man is just a great hypnotist, an expert in psychology,and the paticipant is just someone with great empathy"🙄

  5. Hello there Will!

    You are probably just as aware as any of us, therefore saying that we are living in a time when we can see all the age-old Satanic agendas unfolding and converging in real life at a rate/in a way like no generation before us could witness, would just probably make me sound like a person taking up the role of Captain Obvious… There's an ever-increasing amount of people online picking up the same subjects, making the same bullet points and connections as "Truthers" from several years or even decades ago who are not part of this "community", thus, they naturally approach these subjects from an entirely different viewpoint, it's a fairly recent but not entirely brand new phenomena…. There is however this recent upload from a TechTuber I follow, which baffled me like no other (he's not an employee of a big corporation or a really big voice in terms of subscriber count, so it gives his video more of a "view of the average science/sci-fi geek" appeal), we are at the point where people are talking about the exact same subjects(plural, within a single video) QUOTING THE SAME PEOPLE, going over all the EXACT SAME bullet point as people like Melissa and Aaron would from Truthstream Media when discussing the same matter, but a "Truther's" Orwellian/Brave New World type of dystopia is now pretty much an ideal future scenario to them… At one point, he even uses the same imagery as one of your video thumbnails, I kid you not… That made me ponder, JUST HOW STRONG Lucifer's religion is? How much of this is turning into a MATTER OF THE HEART…. I mean, forget all the lies, deception and corruption around politics, big industry, history, evolution, the realm of the unreachable ("space") and the realm of the invisible ("quantum mechanics"), they are obviously unaware, but regardless, THE PROMISE is quickly becoming THE SAME FOR EVERYONE anyway…. People exchanging good for evil, evil for good…


  6. We are so close now 🙏 APR4U clear the webs open your eyes to to focus hearing what it is we need do. Let the Holy Spirit guidance not the Oracle of any thought. Open your heart and mind to the truth the God who created you the one who watches over all the children all his creation. Open your heart your mind to Yashua Messiah creator master.

  7. Excellent revelation to all in that the ASI really is nothing more than an extension of the Super Being who claims rulership of this earth and told Jesus Christ on the pinnacle, "if you bow to me I will give you the world". Ah yes, Get the behind me SATAN. This system is to create Human 2.0 and Dr. Grimes (funny name) is revealing what I as a physician have been watching for a while. Human 1.0 MD replaced totally by ASI and only nurses left to attend. No recourse to the care because Human 1.0 is flawed anyway, right. So the sheep go to slaughter slowly by and by. Or do they?

  8. At 11:13 Screw these FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST!!!! These Doctors as they call themselves have always lied and said you got a Brain Tumor, You got Cancer, and when all kids are raised from birth to death on S.M.A.R.T. Phones of 2D FLAT SCREEN Black Mirrors to Never Question The EDISON A.I. and when The Machine says you got this or that when you don't???? YOU Gonna Get Cut Up, or thrown into a Mental Ward under RED FLAG LAWS where The GOLEM Machines says: HUMAN will not Comply, Obey, Submit, and they will just inject you with Hypodermic Needles, put you to sleep, and you will wake up with missing Body Parts to supply the ALT MEAT Stock Markets of $1.00 McDonald and Fake Meat Whoppers!!!! The Society of nonmason~ H^H

  9. 6 eights are 48 🙂 All poorly plagiarised, reverse engineered, ancient tech. (doesn't mean it's not dangerous). TV was seen as a Tool of Mind Control. That was a mistake. TV was/is a WEAPON of MASS Mind Control. 60yrs later.. Here we are… Where are we?

  10. Good and evil upside down. Reverse perception. Gradually surrendering free will for the illusional perks. The end comes when people won't have the ability to choose God over the treacherous mirage of short term benefits..

  11. Man has never stopped bowing to the work of his own hands. We are in awe of the machines, because we are in awe of ourselves.
    Worship is awe. Our awe is owed to our creator. We can't help but be in awe, in worship, of something.
    When it is denied the one who owns it, it must find another target.
    It's almost like Paul knew what he was talking about in Romans 1 or something…


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