After Chad Wild Clay made MY WIFE IS A HACKER?! Vy Qwaint Secret Revealed She is a Project Zorgo Member in Real Life!, Vy Qwaint created HACKER TRIES TO REVEAL MY SECRET – CWC vs PZ9 in Battle Royale and Vy vs Regina in Safe House and Daniel uploaded HACKER UNMASKED at Mysterious Obstacle Course Park while Exploring for PZ9 Project Zorgo Face Reveal on the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, ex Project Zorgo member, PZ9, also named Melvin took my phone and revealed my juiciest secret! I am a hacker in Project Zorgo and betrayed the Spy Ninjas! Chad, Regina and Daniel give me a lie detector test to see if I am still a Spy Ninja. If she lies 3 times, the CWC crew will kick out me, VQ out of the safe house. In this lie detector challenge, Daniel questions me about my loyalty to my friends, if I took the missing $10,000 and if I’m teaming up with PZ9. I fail to answer all the questions and unfortunately get kicked out of the safe house. Chad, Regina and Daniel say their emotional last goodbyes. Will Vy ever redeem herself and join the Spy Ninjas once more? Thank you for watching my entertainment comedy videos in 2019!

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  1. See I hope you come back love you V qua I’m gonna miss you bye love you we Cue Chad Regina Daniel don’t take her out I really love her she’s the best she doesn’t know how to swim it doesn’t matter about that I don’t know how to swim either I just hope that you come back we gonna miss you no matter what in your heart come to me OK OK bye😭

  2. Resource she took the money out of the safe is because you have to give it to project Zora go to get a Redbox could you feed project Zora girl but that’s all I know

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