Episode 218: In this episode, an important Flippy Update, Kanye talks Mark of the Beast, Elon jumps off Ye wagon, Maxwell updates with tin foil phones, alleged tapes, Wayfair conspiracies are compelling yet not, 30k kids in Germany, Covid bleach cure, Covid makes everyone crazy, Covid mini brains, waccine RFID debunked says USA today, NEMJ back peddles, Rona kills rabbits and fish, some 33 updates, one from harry legs Biden, and his cronies, Nebraska rail cars burn, military ship in SD burns, two churches burn, black militia is missing from news, USA today tries to claim Trump Nazi connection, the VR time machine, Dubai smart city HQ goes live, and some good news! Thanks for joining us on YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Dlive, and Periscope/Twitter! And make sure to visit the CanaryCry.Community for some unhindered social media off of the facebags and tweeters! All links to articles can be found on Canary Cry News Talk (dot) com! Finally, please visit our SUPPORT PAGE (canarycryradio.com/support) if you feel called to help us feed our babies and kittens! #Wayfair #Coronavirus #Fire



  1. I love your podcasts … age of deceit 1-3 is pretty much all we need as far as understanding this propaganda fest goes

    I should have not gone on that walk… CCFamily

    lol, at least I was being appreciated by the folks in the chat… I thought my mom would like me as well… propaganda has succeeded in hardening her heart towards Christ … she will defend her hirelings though

    I guess I’d rather get real persecution for his righteousness outside in “reality “ than get real love from folks I’ll never meet in “virtual reality “

    It hurts to get hated by your own…


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