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  1. People are afraid so they refuse to let go. The devil wants you to think that he doesn't exist so he devised a plan to convince of how unrealistic the idea of the devil is. this allowed him to move more freely because now its super easy to say oh you've been watching to many movies.

  2. holy crap. You are strong to have been holding on this long. Two years awake and my marriage to my sleeping husband is on the rocks and the evil surrounding us is almost more than I can bear. Just want it over with already. bring it on, I'm ready for Yashua.

  3. Wow you've had discernment for a long time. Just saw your show with Dayz of Noah and came right to your channel. Crazy to see Pfizer up there and everything else.

  4. Wow! Youโ€™ve got the vaccine and Pfizer all in here! I just woke up last year so itโ€™s amazing that you guys saw this whole thing happening today coming years ago!! Great work!

  5. I'm sure you know things but I find your thoughts are not communicated clearly. I'd like to be educated but pictures are not enough unfortunately. I realize this is your first video. I will watch them all and hope I can understand what you are trying to say in them.

  6. Hey man, I don't know how you saw all this on 2012! You definitely are guided by the Holy Spirit. I am from a 3rd world catholic country and we are trap in our bubble of lies and problems that is hard to see out of that bubble. I personally stopped watching tv since 2011 and never liked to watch the news but never question anything. In today's world even churches push you away from God. I really admire yours knowledge, the Word of God is alive and the proof is in our life time.


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