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Wall Street Journal Admitting Booster Campaign was “Deceptive Advertising!” – Canary Cry News Talk


This is a few seconds from an episode of Canary Cry News Talk, where co-hosts Basil and Gonz deconstruct mainstream news from a biblically grounded eschatological perspective…and laugh about all the absurdities.

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Our motto is to “think outside the cage!”

Gonz used to run the Facelikethesun YouTube channel which was terminated by Susan in June 2021 after 10 years, 260k subs, 44+ million views, and 1000+ videos. He is the director of the Age of Deceit documentaries.

Basil has been podcasting with Gonz since 2012 for Canary Cry Radio. He’s also the host of The Joyspiracy Theory, and Ravel with Dr. Christopher Ryan Gates.

Together they’ve covered everything from conspiracies, paranormal and the supernatural, to politics, robotics, technocracy, transhumanism and more from a biblical and eschatological perspective. Topics like the Nephilim, Genesis 6, Tower of Babel, and even Jesus’ ministry to reverse the work of fallen watchers from Mount Hermon inform them of their view of a fallen world.

They also extensively covered the pandemic which got their channels terminated and suspended. In order to reach more people with the Good News of Jesus Christ, they continue to livestream 3 times a week to deconstruct all the breaking mainstream news and events to tear away the propaganda and expose what may be what’s really going on.

Canary Cry News Talk is a value for value program, which means we do not accept advertisers or any corporate sponsorships or affiliates. Instead, we have producers of each episode willing to pitch in with their time, talent or treasure. This allows the show to remain free for everyone to listen and watch, brought to you by members of the community who are returning value back into the content.

God bless and enjoy these shorts.




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