Just a short synopsis of my take on a lot what is being trumpeted these day regarding “Planet X” and it’s alleged connection to prophetic events.

The topic of Planet X / Nibiru is quite interesting, from the FE Cosmology perspective, and is probably something I will continue to examine further as time goes on.



  1. Paul Begley, claims to be a pastor, yet adheres to a created & non-scriptural "pre-trib rapture". If you are an indoctrinated "New Testament" Christian, 99% of these people have never read scripture, and are easily deceived. But when you claim leadership, and ascribe to the false doctrine of pre-trib, you are either a deceiver planted within the church or you are a liar. There is, absolutely and unequivocally, no way to justify any such concept from the scriptures. Sorry to get off topic, but each time I see this clown, it reminds me of the time he was so glibly describing his excitement about being taken away, while patently ignoring the humanity of those "left behind". What kind of mind, let alone professed Christian, would espouse delight while others would be suffering tribulation. I'm sorry but that is anti-christ spirit.

  2. A long time ago the Lord gave me two dreams in a row about Nibiru. The
    first dream he showed me was that me and my daughter Grace were sitting
    on a hill looking up at the sky, which symbolically was me sitting with
    Gods grace. I saw something that looked like a second sun , but it was
    smaller than our sun. I knew we were about to die and I told me daughter
    it was ok because we were about to go home to be with the Lord. As this
    thing got closer and closer I saw that it looked like it was burning on
    fire. Than before it crashed into earth and everything went black I saw
    a vision of the numbers 33.3. Which is actually a number symbol for the
    sun but I didnt know that then. The next night I dreamed the world was
    warned that Nibiru was coming. There was this eerie silence as everyone
    waited for it. I asked a group of people if they knew Jesus, only a
    couple raised their hands so I told them who Jesus was and prayed with
    them. As this thing got closer to earth I could feel the atmosphere
    change. Than I looked to my right and saw an old school students desk
    with numbers engraved on it. I only saw the last 3 numbers and they were
    33.3 and it hit me, that those would be the numbers I saw right before I
    died. First of all I want to say that I have seen Nirbiru with my own
    eyes and I have even caught it on camera. HOWEVER, the Lord revealed to
    me that it is a lying sign and wonder from satan. You also gotta ask
    yourself, why is it appearing and disappearing? If it was real, it would
    always be there. There are conspiracy theorists who claim chem trails
    cover it up. This is stupid! The only thing in the bible which might
    even suggest it exists is the star that falls from the heaven called
    wormwood which makes the waters bitter. While stars dont actually fall,
    so this is a symbol, which I actually think is a hydrogen bomb, here is
    how Nibiru fits the wormwood scenario. Before I tell you, I have to tell
    you one of the first dreams God gave me, even before I was christian.
    For those of you who know this already, bare with me, you will see where
    Im getting at. In this vision me and Jesus were sitting on a rock in
    the middle of the ocean. He told me I was beautiful. He told me "The
    time is coming soon when no one is going to be able to drink the water"
    than we stood up on the rock and he showed me a vision of a small river
    and said "This is how much water that is going to be left that is good
    in the world"In the bible, the water is where the dragon and the people
    are and the water symbolizes TRUTH. The star which falls from heaven and
    poisons the water (truth) is the lie of Nibiru. God says satan comes
    with all lying signs and wonders. Nibiru is a lying sign and it is a
    lying wonder which is polluting the truth (The word of God) with lies
    creating false doctrines which also fear mongers. It is totally
    unbiblical. When my daughter was 9 she dreamed that 2 Jesus came in the
    sky and she didnt know which one was the real one. This is because satan
    counterfeits. If Jesus is called the "Sun of righteousness" in Mal 4:2
    than satan will counterfeit that "sun". To everyone who feel for this
    lie or contributed in promoting or teaching it, like I did at one
    point.I urge you to repent and adhere to sound doctrine.

  3. no nibiru ..no planet x , the preacher that is talking about nibiru ir planet x ,is nothing but another parrot !! Farr Farr away from the scriptures , and you dear brother thank you for stripping those falsities and leave then totally necked ! exposing their shame !!

  4. Planet X is πŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸŽπŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©the Bible only talks about a star called wormwood other wise it's a lie. There are no planets. Just stars and wandering Stars.

  5. Tectonic, not tutonic. Are you kidding me? Oh, and let's promote our fictional marketing while we're at it. Conjecture based on more conjecture. Let's stick with FE examination and let whatever wormwood is be whatever wormwood is. God has it all in hand.

  6. I don't know if you'll ever see this comment Will but I wanted to share a man named Amir Tsarfati. He is a Christian man who happens to be Jewish his YouTube channel is Behold Israel and a lot of people ask him questions about new moons and different things going on the skies and he's constantly reminding them not to get involved with such things concerning the end times.

  7. Hah this guy, β€œAre you serious!” He always says. Come on people, we can’t take what main stream science says about what’s going out on in and around the earth. With any thing but a grain of salt. All Just made up. All fear mongering. I think the reason so many people were freaked out around last September 23 was because of bible prophecy. The woman clothed with the sun and moon under her feet and so on. We all know about that alignment. The Bible prophecy following that part was what had people concerned. I was too at the time. I Feel dumb about it now…. now that I know the earth is not a ball ⚽️. And the world isn’t as modern scientist describe it to be

  8. It IS painful to our love of truth to listen to Begley, but then what would we expect from a Jesuit plant? It really grieves me to see what I believe are *sincere watchmen being take in by the planet X stuff. This very thing answers the question about why FE is an important truth for THIS time. If you know the truth about our cosmology, *that truth disqualifies MANY things and serves as a guardian of sorts. But, if you're still in globe mode, you're apt to be taken in by so much deception that we're to be warning people about. These watchmen are therefore rendered as unknowing perpetrators of deception because they appear to be watchmen on the wall and they are, but with flawed information. As if the Church didn't have enough of that problem in it's midst already. Thank you for a very good video, as ALL of yours are.

  9. I wish Destiny Lab would work with you and your knowlege to make new music. All their stuff is pure truth but.. Leaves out the flat earth and instead has a song called Hollow Earth. Ive talked to them on facebook messenger and had a deep discussion about it and about your channel and, he was sending me flat earth debunked videos, and I was sending him links to your videos trying to understand why Destiny Lab would preach such biblical truth with their music, and then continue to shy away from the biblical cosmology you and I seem to understand very well.


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