Episode 230: In this episode, Flippy space TITAN, mask mouth is a thing say dentists, 33% believers believe in faith alone, Lebanon turmoil, we finally get to the Floyd footage, #SaveOurChildren trends opposing “Save the children” issue, in light of the hasbro doll issue, lithium in the water, 6 week economic shut down suggestion, waccine can become mandatory, and a #Nephilim Update! #Podcast

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  1. I stopped calling my children "kids". We know that words (sound waves) have an effect on matter. Think about the potential spiritual ramifications of basically calling our children baby baphomets for hundreds of years…

  2. Went to Wal Mart today and they are still counting as you enter…I wonder if they are counting who's wearing masks, and who isn't; to get an idea of what percentage of people will need to be "reeducated".

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