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  1. Trump greatly blessed Israel and the Jews 4 times and Gods plan for man is obvious to some. Never underestimate Gods promises. God is blessing America as you read this. Just pay attention. I stand with Gods word, not a man's dream and his opinion.

    I live you, see you soon 😊

  2. About 2 months ago, I was praying at around 5: 00 in the morning, and the Lord showed me the stock market was going to be violently shaken. Next, I saw a formation of military helicopters to the south. Then He showed me a third picture but that one was personal , involving spiritual warfare. Within the past month, the Lord showed me several other things that I consider to be severe warnings. One was a vision of two fat hands with gold rings rubbing themselves in a greedy or plotting way. The next was a murky cup – it looked like rotten wine – being stirred by 'invisible hands'. I took this to mean a cup of wrath was being prepared. The third was a column of black smoke in the distance rising to the highest part of the sky. A few days later, the Lord showed me three pictures of His kingdom. A living vine that had many branches/ positions vacant and ready to be grafted. A formation of small ants spread out in a grid formation that were carrying a large edible gourd. An open palm holding a hand full of seeds that looked almost like jewels. I believe the seeds were the word of God in the hands of the faithful.

    After watching your video, it makes more sense. The picture I saw of the greedy hands plotting are the people you are talking about….


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