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  1. This is one of the best posts you have made!  This is exactly how they are going to implement the mark.  We have to be watchful of the One World Government to be established first, then the Anti-Christ will take control and then this mark; along with the nano-technology as shown here (more highly developed) to interact with the body's electro-chemical matrix, before we see this implemented.  You will see this type of technology continue to grow and be used in everyday life of the common populous, now and in the future.  It will be well established before we are forced to take the mark and yet it won't be "The Mark" until the Anti-Christ has taken over the one world government.  This is why it's so important to be obedient by faith, watchful and discerning (through The Holy Spirit) so we are not misled by the deceptive practices of this coming world!  May God provide all that you need to see His Truth and not our own or the Worlds!  Proverbs 3:5-6  Romans 12:1-2  Thanks agin for your post!

  2. I'm sure the mark of the beast technology will be just as the scriptures said it will be, a mark (microchip / tattoo?) placed on the right hand or forehead Revelations13:16-18. This is a great video, but it's an abomination to see other videos on you tube state you can ingest it or receive it unknowingly and be sent to hell!

  3. Is there anyway to have a list of brands and meds on adults and children chipped drugs? I'm not on any medz thankful but wondering if they tell patient chip pills and benefits verses regular none chip pills. Or are they medicating without a choice on pill types…No pills if so…

  4. 16 And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

    17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    It seems that the chip will not be implemented without the consent of the people. The Holy Bible is very clear and in the book of Revelation 20: 4 says: – "And I saw thrones, and they sat on them were given judgment; and I saw the souls of those beheaded the testimony of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshiped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark on their foreheads or their hands and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years ".– it seems that everybody will have the option to accept or not the mark. If they use chemtrails or implantation of chips involuntarily, these lines would not make sense.

  5. Very interesting. I sent a very important message to your email!!!! I hope you receive it soon. One other thing to think about is that God is using all these things, that that are readily available to the public to read, to speak to His children. He is giving us every way possible to know about these things and where they come from, but too many are asleep. They are not paying attention. They are just content going to their church congregations. They will be lost if they don't hurry up. If we are lukewarm, Jesus will vomit us out of His mouth. If people are lukewarm now, they will never be able to stand during the time of great tribulation! They are going to be even more deceived than they already are, if that were possible.

  6. I got rid of addiction through prayer which lead to me getting insurance . I received medical help to get clean. I have been clean and am getting off of meds also slowly. because I found Christ he's my comfort. only through my addiction I found him. I was broken, and came to realize all the heroin and cocaine and an od I realized I could have died and went to he'll. but he saved me to be in heaven. I said the drugs I took bc they are very common killers. and I want others to know it's possible to get clean and recieve Christ. I can't tell u how thankful I am. I reflect daily on it and I get so emotional. I try to spread this to other addicts. God bless and praise the one and only forevermore. my prayers are with everyone

  7. Okay this is getting to be too much…

    🚨❗❗But❗ ❗🚨
    It's not your choice❗❓
    against your will❗❓
    Against your knowing..
    🚫Accepted into Heaven❓
    🚫Forgotten&Thrown into eternal hell 🔥 ❓❗
    I think we can agree..
    If we go to the doctor's for surgery,we're knocked out & unconscious..
    & they choose to put a chip in us unknowingly?
    That our Father in Heaven 💗 who is JUST in ALL he does, & is absolutely PERFECT..
    I cannot see a fair & JUST GOD seeing that as "fair & just" & punishing those who did not know;
    (who honestly thought they were just getting surgery & did not say or know or allow that chip going inside their body)
    Sending the ones who were genuine & got taken advantage of who were completely unconscious to eternal hell fire!? It would make more common sense that a fair>JUST> FatherGOD>LORD&SAVIOR> Would send the one's who take advantage of the children of GOD who were unconscious, & agreed to surgery, NOT to being chipped!
    It'd make more sense to punish those who use magic, who lie, cheat & pretend to be innocent when they have a sinister plan in mind, who are trying to send as many children of GOD to hell as possible
    SO they're playing dirty!
    THEY think AHHA! I got it! the one's that wont take it, we won't even chance it! We'll just put it in innocent children who have parents who don't want them catching fatal diseases & dying into their vaccine shots! & When they think they're getting a filling or a tooth removed @ the dentist, we'll just put a chip in their faketooth or filling!
    We'll get one over on GOD & HIS PEOPLE😂
    I don't think it's right to scare people & put utter terror into innocent peoples lives like this!? WHO ARE INNOCENT! My word!!! Can u imagine being in their shoes!? Where does it say in the bible that the people who got tricked, lied to, taken advantage of unconscious, the innocent christian parents who got their babies vaccinated so they don't catch diseases & die & the doctors put a chip into their vaccine w/out their permission!? So that poor innocent baby is damned to eternal hell 🔥 because it was too young & couldnt speak yet?! & didnt have a say so?!
    this is putting fear & despair into them & their lives…I don't agree with this…I'm sorry. I don't.
    Unless there's scripture backing this up. I agree 💯% if it's of their knowing & understanding choice & their "willing to risk it"…but, besides THAT..anything else? no.
    I know God's loving & more understanding & would never let those *pathetic, arrogant, full of sin "people" even THINK they can have 1 over on GOD & his people & would never allow those people off the hook lets say they repent & ask for forgiveness & then GOD's going to blame the victims and not forgive them & send THEM to eternal hell forever & ever!?
    ➡i THINK (this is MY opinion) The people who chip others by hiding it, lying about it, w/out their consent or permission even if they themselves are not chipped but they're secretly chipping others- should be the ones sent to eternal hell NOT the innocent people!)
    & I'm aware not every person who chooses not to be chipped is a believer in JESUS, I'm just sayin what if? i know MOST will be..

  8. wow..smh…this is old news…they had this technology yrs ago in just about everything…Wake up and come back 2 the BIBLE now!! The deception is gr8er than man could possibly imagine but Christ is gr8er!!!

  9. All this that is now upon us is only gonna get worse. Now is when we have to trust Jesus and be literally willing to die for his name. This nation is an abomination and that's not a pun . Our leaders have sold their souls and they r coming for ours but we have Jesus and we need only accept him as lord and savior. It's really happening. Blesses to all who fight the good fight

  10. what if i take a pill and get the micro chip inside me without knowing will God punish me because i'm scared to use any type of medicine at the moment. i am struggling with health issues and can't live without some of my medicine so i need to know

  11. the bible is true repent and call Jesus for his at the door not much time left it is real it will happen oll written but the saved will not go thru the tribulation,Jesus will take his childs before he wil$ remove HOLY SPIRIT NO GOD RAGE TOWARDS BELEIVERS..we ar3 so close ….oll REAL

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