They have conjured up a serious storm front if you live in the Midwest be prepared because it’s coming your way



  1. I am an AZ sky watcher, you never know what will be coming down. And after they spray at night I get my flash light out and see these wiggling fibers in the light of the night. Not bugs, not dust particles stringy looking wiggly things. On the days they don’t spray, there’s only small dust particles. Then I found a white stringy thing on my bike mirror stuck to the lens and I picked it off and it practically disintegrated in my fingers. I also pick up palm tree fronts after the guy trims the palm trees where we live and they are caked up with this white stringy stuff. I am 58 and been landscaping from the east coast and now here in AZ , never ever seen a tree that had caught white stringy stuff in it branches or leaves. And it’s not silky or pollen or bug related… imho. I wonder where I could send a sample?

  2. It’s weird Richie, I can almost time it right on schedule in the mid morning to night and it just stops. They chemtrail from 5 am all day, then around 5-6 pm it stops and lots of times the chemtrails literally blow away and within an hour we begin to see them coming back flying over the state…. they usually blow to the east.

  3. Thank you for giving @MikeMorales some credit in your video man!! He's the only guy I can get a real forcast from! You 2 are the only guys we the people can get some decent truth from!! Stay safe out there on the road my friend!

  4. Today on British t.v. Morning weather. The weather girl talked and showed pictures of tornadoes in America. She then went on to tell the British public that this was perfectly normal for this time of year. I wondered why she was telling us this, as I never remember the weather people talking like this before. I also wondered if this was true. I didn’t catch where in America she was talking about.

  5. I live in Montana and we have been having crazy winds for the last two weeks. We get wind but not like this and not for this long and intense . Things are happening everywhere it's crazy!

  6. Wow, talk about coincidence that you’d be uploading this! Please pray for people in OK. Huge storm/tornado with 2 inch hail predicted to hit around 8pm. My daughter lives there. Ty.

  7. Be ready to be a NOMAD… have food buckets and an RV of some sort… Seeds for planting, CASH or SILVER… that's the lowest denomination I can come up with…. stinks what they're doing to humanity. PRAY ! the only option left….

  8. Real windy in Boston, today!(Sun.5/19) Probably nothing like that, but with all of these precariously hanging(DEAD) Trees, and Branches over all of the Roadways! It's a recipe for Disaster((DEATH)!! Speaking of trees, (Yes, we were) I just went out and looked at the leaves on my maple trees , and funniest thing! They don't have those "Black Spots" on all of them, like (Last Year) those "BURN MARKS", they look really healthy and green! However, they have NO STRUCTURAL STRENGTH in their FIBER!!
    They just "LILT"! They can't even stand on their own! They just "DROOP" over on their Stem! Anyone have any ideas as to why this is!? My guess is lack of SUN!
    It certainly isn't lack of WATER, that's for sure!
    HEALTHY H2O!? Now, that's another story!!

  9. I like to rewatch that one video you did when you received a letter from a subscriber in regards to being surrounded by swat teams outside your house I cannot find it. Plus I hope you believe that Jesus is God in the flesh.

  10. An American and a French soldier find their way together through Belgium. An FN employee shows them the gun he wants to sell. The American says, oh it's a machine gun, on which the Frenchy responds, qui une mitraillette.
    (sounds like – me try it- 😉)

  11. It's obvious some people that are awake to the fact that it's the rich and powerful people all over the world using weather to depopulate the world to bring on the NWO with the anti-Christ in control. But the majority of people are asleep. All through the Bible It warns of end times which I believe we are entering, and I pray people repent and turn their lives over to God before it's too late. This life is only temporary. It's the eternal life God promises that is so much more important. It is why we are not to love this world because this life and this world are only temporary. Amazes me how end time Bibical prophecies are being fulfilled at a very fast rate.

  12. Richie I’ve been watching your videos for quite some years now.
    But you never mentioned the Tartaria.

    Am willing to share this now, because the end is right around the corner. I think you deserve to know and your fans.

    The Tartaria was the most sophisticated civilization on earth. Much greater in sophistication then we are today. Tartaria was with the Mayans Incas and a several other ancient civilizations wanted to connect everyone together to share this amazing technology of having atmospheric energy. They wanted everyone to come together in harmony to have one language one DNA.

    But then the Parasites invaded killed almost all of humans on earth. Lied and created false history. History is the biggest lie displacement in time and 1300 years that never existed. The things you call world elites are in fact these Parasites that invaded.

    High technology of the Great Tartaria
    Energy atmospheric – wireless, from the ether
    Internal structure with tons of metal
    Masonry and concrete geopolymeric
    Universal architecture all came from Tartaria.

    Churches mosques temples obelisks antennas on buildings are all collecting this atmospheric energy. Religions soul purpose is to collect this atmospheric energy it has nothing to do with god. Bibles were written in the very beginning of the 19th century. Do you believe the liers that lie about everything around you for the Bible to be true !?
    The great flood did happen waves of over 300 meters destroyed everything. The great flood was caused by Tartarian technology used against them by the Parasites 150 years ago.
    The Pyramids we deconstructed and all the so called “kings” & “pharaohs” of the pyramids didn’t exist.

    Earth is NOT even close as old as we think it is. Ancient history happened in the Middle Ages.


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