1. Bless you and bless his name. I believe you πŸ’―. I am not ashamed, I Love the Lord.

    You are absolutely right in everything you just testify to.

    In Jesus name Bless the Lord's name.


  2. Thanx for sharing, everyone watching this are born again, by God.
    Unsaved Will never watch this believe in God, read his word etc.
    Jesus Said: No one can come to Me, Unless the Father who sent Me draws him.
    Few are chosen.
    Gby β˜˜οΈπŸ™πŸ¦‹

  3. My detail is too long, in short, if possible…..My Mom was prophetic, even told me when she wouldn't be here anymore, talked with me about my dreams when I was twelve, told me in 1994 she would be in Heaven in 1995. She wasn't I'll at all. She died on 1995. Prior to that she told me to get above 700 feet and higher in the hills. She said to store food, be on a well system, be near a lake. She said that God will use me to feed people, help people and teach. God led me to move to the hills. I thought it was high enough. God allowed me to lose my house in 2009. I found out I was only at 600 feet elevation. Wow. He made it possible for me to move to 2400 elevation, to a better situation too. Then I had a dream about New York. I was telling people in the streets to go up high. Many didn't listen. A Tsunami hit. Many, many died. That dream was 3 years ago. I didn't and don't know what will cause the tsunami. Then just 3 months ago I had a dream about the freeways cluttered. People were at my gate. I let them in. I know how to hunt, make food, cook by fire, make arrows if needed, have chickens, live where there are deer and other edibles if ever needed. The dream was, Earthquakes, Midwest included. No one was secure.

  4. Good morning Big bro, that's a good thing u shared that dream very informative with ❀ coming from one of the chosen ones my turn coming up in them days u speak about one of the elders of the old days love to hear from my brothers especially puttin in work so we can get the kingdom back after. All these generations amen

  5. This is a fabulous dream. I've had Rapture dreams as well! People who have taken a certain substance are being transformed into Demonic Hybrids. Definitely stay close to the Heavenly Father and beware of people and surroundings. πŸŒΏπŸ•ŠπŸŒˆ

  6. I truly believe cousin and what you were saying I feel the same way. Hope and pray that everyone listen to your word and take heed they all should know that Jesus shed his blood and died on the cross for everyone and they need to understand that Jesus already knew the sins that you were going to commit when you got here on Earth. He knew about your sins before you even did them so what they have to do is turn to the Lord and ask for forgiveness from the heart love you cousin have a blessed day


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