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The mixing of Iron and Clay..Electronic Tattoo..just another way of moving the agenda
closer to tech and man together!



  1. That old jackass holding that pill using the 666 hand symbol thinks he is a smart ass and that lady talking about the tech is NOT human!
    I would be willing to bet she is a clone or hybrid! take a GOOD look at her!!!

  2. Hey brother,  I dont know how i missed your vids for so long weeding through all the crap but am sure glad to find your stuff now…there went my weekend viewing many of your interesting vids that have confirmed many things that the Spirit has shown me over the years and pointed out several new things that He confirmed in me as I watched.  Truly thankful for all of your hard work in uncovering this present darkness and the soon rise and fall of Apollyon.  Would be great to hook up with you sometime to share testimonies and personal experiences.  P.S. on this particular video I got this: Spacex Dragon…or Space-Sex Dragon….check out old drive-in movie called Flesh Gordon with your sheilds up of course. God bless you!

  3. I am so very sad. I made it 48 yrs in bars mostly and got one when JESUS saved me from alcoholism even though I knew in my heart it was wrong and I talked myself into it because I wanted to praise GOD  it says JESUS but now I am heartbroken, good news is now I can repent specifically for this so thanks for the video and the continued enlightenment of what is real (when I got saved I love symbolism and thought HEY Israel = is real ) at first I freaked out when I saw -101+ then I kept on keeping on  learning in a frenzy and praying continually and crying a lot doubting myself and now I am at peace. PRAISE GOD

  4. Aside from the Mark of the Beast indication, they are creating new markets for products that you will have to mandatorily buy from them if you want to get anywhere.  They will control your access because of that.  They can charge you whatever they want and you will pay it, just like the health care insurance.

  5. How dang WEIRD is it going to get?  Saw that women B4 and boy is she in for surprise that she won't like. Great vid Nicholson…..things are getting stranger but I'm not surprised.


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