Hear the Word of the Lord for 2022 from Prophetic General Cindy Jacobs.
▶▶2022 And You! What’s Coming? by Cindy Jacobs [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3pEkDol
▶▶2022 And You! What’s Coming? by Cindy Jacobs [Audio CD Series]: https://bit.ly/3zdvnxf

Ordinary people do extraordinary things for God!

Cindy Jacobs’ recent “Word of the Lord for 2022” conference brought forth treasures both old and new (Matt. 13:51). So along with its banner of uncompromising truths, there also came flows of fresh revelation.

Many powerful words pointed to the move of God we are expecting for 2022. And there was renewed emphasis on awakening and transformation that will overtake the broken culture of our day.

With her 4-part audio series, 2022 and You!, Cindy makes it real—if God is not a respecter of peoples, nations or governments, who will lead the way? We may not understand God’s timing, but she points to the last decade of prophecy—it is due to come to pass.

Cindy says the catalyst is nothing less than your relationship with Father God. He must be first in priority. But, as you are faithful to spend time with Him, you must also be faithful to:

• Speak up for Godly change in your community and nation
• Renew your covenant bond with Jesus as Lord
• Hear from God yourself and declare it
• Ask Holy Spirit for heart change, first you, then family

Cindy reminds us that if we want God to send breakthrough and change while we watch…God will move without us. Whatever your needs may be, God’s breakthrough is meant to move through you. Ordinary people do extraordinary things for God!

▶▶2022 And You! What’s Coming? by Cindy Jacobs [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3pEkDol
▶▶2022 And You! What’s Coming? by Cindy Jacobs [Audio CD Series]: https://bit.ly/3zdvnxf

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  1. God is going to do what He always does, i.e., nothing that is detectable by impartial observation. My, my, He is such a Ninja of invisibility! Now think about it.This world is either a very elaborate fleshy moral test, or…not, and there is no God of the type that answers prayer in any practical sense let alone installs leaders. If it was otherwise there would only be one religion. Obviously this isn't the case. It's not that hard to understand. Try.

  2. I have been praying for my son for years every time GOD answer my pray through my dreams. My latest dream was absolutely nothing than pure love and guidance from Lord and I thank him for being there for me and for answering my prayer. Lord my love and my life I pray that you give me strength to serve you more and help me to know you more because you are such a amazing God.

  3. I hate saying junk like "It has been written" I am not a religious guy.
    But, with THAT being said, its now tge year 2022, the World faces its 3rd GLOBAL CONFLICT.
    "WE" as a SPECIES absolutely NEED to know the difference between GOOD and EVIL….it is the year 2022 abd "WE" scarcely know OURSELVES…..where then is HOPE?
    Shall we throw around syllables? Would music help? CYCLES….Being what they ARE, REPEAT THEMSELVES.😋
    No need for tunes….just BE THERE.
    You were gonna be there anyways …there are only a few finite ways to get there though. Miss these… And you will NOT ARRIVE.
    "FREE WILL" is like CRACK…..one try and its ALL you will want and GOD'S WILL will fade from you. So GOD gave you "stuff",…. ARMOR😁
    abd now you know WHY that ARMOR "IS"😎😁❤
    So put it on NOW😲😘
    It's like having "HIM" between YOU abd hell itself😎

  4. Firstly Thanos will appear and decimate half the world population. Then the Mer people will rise to scour the oceans clean and finally arrives homer Simpson construction engineer to consult with terra forming the earth into an exotic garden. I have been around since before Jesus. I am the new prophet said she.

  5. Hello 🤗 sid Roth what's going on is Russia nominated a person named Caleb rodgers me what happened was is this when I was 1 or 2 years old is that Russia kgb broke into mi6 and stolen the genealogy of me which was top secret by knowing Abraham Lincoln daughter married a uk king and that's my ancestors so what happened they nominated me Russian president and prevent nuclear Armageddon completely innocent . I was baptized by Hebrews 12:23 and considered a child of God and Jesus Christ is the messiah. Also Putin doesn't talk to me at all and my life has been in misery and setup for death and destruction. Russian Putin took my idea of hypersonic missiles which was originally for Israel to defend themselves from katatushas rockets and more advanced missiles from their enemies.

  6. No war is coming and all fight have to be stopped, since 0000 fighting here and there, waist of life and things after then peace, why don't u make peace and love each other than to fight?


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