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  1. Hi Levi, I joined in last Sunday and really enjoyed it. So I'm looking forward to see what we do in your chat room tomorrow. God gave me some good news that comforted me thru these days we are in and for the days to come. I've been struggling with the fear and worry that OMG, the end days are here, and the mark of the beast is upon us. I asked God to please help me with these anxiety feelings, and he revealed to me that do not fear what man can do to me because God is in control and the fear of God's wrath is what we need to all pay attention to, cuz the day of judgement of our Lord will be the most important day of our eternal life !! We gotta make sure we are on the right side of this war. On God's side, that our name is in the book of life, that we can be spared of God's wrath against sin. Amen. I look forward to chatting in your chat room tomorrow. God Bless you.


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