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Full NBC News NOW Coronavirus Coverage – April 23 | NBC News Now



  1. Looking for people interested in subbing to my page if you are interested in unknown illnesses, morgellons, anything related to hashimotos (hypothyroidism), EBV, POTS, biofilm/Candida, folliculitis, all these health issues and how they affect mental health, and “truther” related discussions. I have only three vids up, but I plan on making more once I get my sub count up and I already have a few vids edited and waiting to go up including me shaving my hair off (around three feet of hair) and taking more about Morgellons, EMFS, heavy metals, and theories things going on in the world, including a story time of when I predicted this pandemic. If you aren’t interested, please just pass on by..no need to leave any hate. If you are interested, thank you for subbing!

  2. Death rate by covid19, according to those confirmed on 01/05/20: World: 7.12% Italy: 13.64% Brazil: 6.91% USA: 5.77%. Covid19's lethality in Italy is the highest in the world and continues to grow. This calls into question Italy's treatment protocols. Italy celebrates the drop in the number of new cases, but the lethality rate is almost double that observed worldwide. Are Italy's treatment protocols working? Apparently the number of new cases is only dropping due to mandatory isolation.

  3. 5G, 60GHz, Oxygen Absorption, You, and Coronavirus

    Individuals need to take full responsibility for their health and safeguard loved ones

    The impacts of 60 gigahertz [GHz] are not widely published but here’s what I can tell you, and it’s a part, ironically, from promotional material of the big telecom companies themselves. It reads “60 GHz has a very distinct impact on none other than oxygen itself.”

    Yes, here are articles released by companies touting the benefits of 60 GHz. They openly admit that 60 GHz is absorbable by oxygen.

    All the frequencies before 60 GHz are not impacted. Once it hits 60 GHz it spikes and becomes hugely absorbed by oxygen.

    In this article by companies selling products that are going to run on 60 GHz they say it’s going to help its inference levels. https://www.60ghz-wireless.com/60ghz-technology/60ghz-technology-v-band-carrier-class-radios-for-p2p-p2mp-wireless-networks/

    Isn’t that nice. They don’t want your first person shooter video games to lag, and most of us know from mainstream releases promoting 5G that things like water and trees are going to get in the way of this frequency. So how in the world does this even make sense that we are using it unless their intentions are something else besides faster speeds?

    Anyway, knowing this frequency impacts oxygen, now, does it make sense to you how possibly when you mess with the absorption of oxygen in the human body…..let me give you one guess which organ is going to suffer first.

    The way 60 GHz impacts oxygen is this. Oxygen the atom is O. Oxygen the molecule is O2. Two atoms together.

    Now, these two atoms creating the oxygen molecule are sharing some electrons. 60 GHz causes the electrons surrounding oxygen molecules to spin, somewhat akin to how high-powered microwaves running on 2.4 impact molecules in food such as water. They’re heating, in part, by impacting those molecules to rotate or oscillate with each wave. The movement energy from the rotation of these super tiny water molecules is actually helping to heat the rest of the food.

    So, in a similar way that 2.4 causes H2O to oscillate, 60 GHz even at lower powers is causing the electrons on oxygen molecules to spin, and as you might imagine changes to the spin frequencies on oxygen electrons can have impacts on human biology.

    When you breathe in, the reason for breathing air into your lungs is that it gets oxygen into your blood and therefore important places like your brain, and because the oxygen entering into your lungs gets picked up by a very important iron containing protein called haemoglobin in your blood.

    However, the unfortunate impact of oxygen molecules spinning the electrons is that it makes the haemoglobin unable to uptake the oxygen and get it to the rest of your body.

    This information was taken from a textbook called ‘Magneto Biology’ Underlying Physical Problems, but even beyond this, isn’t the fact that the telecom companies are admitting that 60 GHz is absorbed by oxygen just stunning information, and shouldn’t the fact that 60 GHz even fundamentally interacts with oxygen, the most abundant and arguably most important element to all biological life, be headline news that stops everything until we deeply test the implications of that?

    If you believe, that they must have already tested 60 GHz for health and safety, please listen very carefully to what big telecom admits when they were asked that very question!


    Oh and before you go, remember the Princess cruise ships that allegedly had Coronavirus? Well you will never guess what was installed on those…..yes 5G!

    MedallionNet™ The Best Wi-Fi at Sea – a clue?

    You can watch the video here https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ocean-medallion/medallionnet/

    Flu and Microwave Sickness Share Many of the Same Symptoms


    Share as far and wide as humanly possible

  4. Please help someone in need who has been impacted by the covid19 pandemic. Lost my job and have a disabled wife. If you have even a dollar to donate I would appreciate you. Cashapp $redtre please

  5. If evidence for the effectiveness of chloroquine derivatives was established long ago, why do Dem politicians and NBC insist that the medications are "untested?"


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