“The ATF and the Wisconsin Fire Marshall are both working with local officers as well as the FBI,” in investigating, said Kenosha Administrator John Morrissey, the former chief of the Kenosha Police Department. Morrissey said he had met with law enforcement about the ongoing investigations. “My belief is that there is going to be a significant number of arrests.”

According to a statement from the ATF, members of the agency’s National Response Team arrived last week to work with local investigators. “The teams are each comprised of veteran special agents who have post-blast and fire origin-and-cause expertise, forensic chemists, explosives enforcement officers, fire protection engineers, accelerant detection canines, explosives detection canines, intelligence support, computer forensic support, and audit support.”

Kenosha Fire Chief Charles Leipzig said last week there were 34 fires associated with the unrest, with 30 businesses damaged or destroyed. Dozens of cars were burned at car lots, including Car Source, and city vehicles were set aflame.

Anyone with information on the identities or whereabouts of those pictures — or anyone with additional photos or videos — is asked to contact the Kenosha Police Department at (262) 605-5203 or Kenosha CrimeStoppers at (262) 656-7333, or 1-888-ATF-FIRE. Information can also be emailed to ATFTips@atf.gov.

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