Watch as I ask Conservative Party hopeful Roman Baber during the Western Standard‘s Conservative leadership debate about safety concerns regarding trans women co-existing in women’s only facilities.

With myself and my four fellow Rebel News colleagues covering the Western Standard‘s Conservative leadership debate from start to finish, we were able to get questions in to two out of the five conservative leadership candidates.

Pierre Poilievre and Leslyn Lewis skipped the event entirely, and Scott Aitchison left before the scrum began — so we used our time to question Jean Charest and Roman Baber. Check out our full report at

Baber agreed that safety is a concern when it comes to biological men in women’s only facilities, and stated that instead of “telling people how to act or identify” he would instead start by seeking to depoliticize the classrooms.

What do you think? Extreme examples of how this issue harms women include biological male Lia Thomas swimming in the female division of the NCAA and winning first prize, and the inmates of New Jersey’s women-only prison having concerns over unwanted pregnancies taking place due to a biological male sharing a ward with female prisoners.

Although taking gender ideology and divisive politics out of elementary schools is a great start, I think there are steps that need to be taken that need to happen sooner rather than later to protect women. In women’s only prisons in Canada, there are no requirements to prove that you are a woman other than “affirmation of identity.” 

Should more policies be put in place to protect the biologically born women at the mercy of people like Lia Thomas, and the New Jersey male prisoner?

These are only the beginning of the trans-agenda wars.

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