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  1. I just love your videos. I am learning so much. This video just made me realize that these elites control the time. Who said that there is time? I have been trying to read the Old Testament and it’s hard to understand but I do recall man living until they were 800 years of age or 756 years of age. I wish you put our more videos they have helped me see and understand so much.

  2. I wonder what all the folks who were confused about the content and message of this video think now, looking back at how on point you were/are and how clueless and innocent they were… 🤔🤓 I reckon they have figured it out but now.

  3. I love these videos. I know the content is important but there’s some points that seem to be flying over my head. One is this whole concept of time zones. I’ve ALWAYS known there’s something shady/secret going on with daylight savings time because the official story sounds like a fairy tale devised for the masses. And that slide with the time zone map keeps getting shown in several Nic1968 videos but I’m missing the point of WHY I guess.
    I’m also trying to figure out if it’s true that the Holy Spirit is indeed feminine as proposed in another video (as it would make sense to have father, son, and “mother” but that’s just not what I was taught my whole life). So were our Bibles changed to say He for the Spirit but the Hebrew says She? So many questions! I LOVE these videos though. Incredible all the way around.

  4. that clock is at reset 12 . 1 means 2017 , 2+0+1+7= 10 zero + no value so you are left with 1
    from january 2017 is begining all hell breaking loose .

    its not 101 its 2017 = 10 and 2018 = 11

    2016=9 number of completion. the end of old age

    people get out of babylon NEW YORK.

  5. I want to tell you I keep getting 11-7 and ether 11-10 or 10-11over and over I'm talking 50 confirmations this is the real deal dude it's coming from the spirit dimension

  6. I understand time manipulation and The One who will seek to change seasons and times but I also know that certain time settings on a clock face just make for better photographs. It is as it is. Super cool watches though.

  7. Hello N68, very intriguing as always. Yes it's all about "time-manipulation".
    @ 11:20 : the 5 signs, the one in the MIDDLE is very interesting (two "water" – waves).
    – Proto-Sinaitic sign [= oth] of "MEM" in the Hebrew Alephbet (1900 – 2000 BCE).
    – M = 40 (numeric value) –> 40 // 40 = 4 // 4 = 8 (infinity-loop / Mercury / STUR / Satan).
    – M M = 13 13 (place value) –> Illuminati blood-lines. (13+13 = 26 = 66 = 36 = 666).
    – M M = Master Mason (yes, yes, you can't make this up!!).
    Most don't see this, because most won't recognize this ancient West Asian language, which was used in the time of Moses at Mount Sinai. Hosea 4:6 comes into my mind (destroyed by lack of knowledge).
    – Source:
    – Source:
    Keep up the good work & stay save. May YHVH bless you and your beloved ones.

  8. I knew they broke the time and space view. But in a way, this is the one thing that will screw the enemy more than anything. God said that in those days time would be sped up for the elect sake, so Santana time is really, really, short. How I am not dead yet after years of Chemical-trails and H.A.A.R.P abuse in 2015 is a miracle, though truly, we are now in the time when men should seek to end there lives and find no relief.

  9. Gray Rybka – PATRAS 2014, CERN July 2014. 7/27. Open Resonator Concept. Current Carrying Wire Planes. This device is for the detection/collection of Axion dark matter or as this researcher puts it "The Axions from Hell"

  10. I see also the number 8 on the date ,,,,Why is tht so?,,If you google images on watches,,,that's how companies prefer to model their watches on V cause it looks better for a watch.

  11. xx  youtube channel- steve ben-denoon   has a video about the evacuation of the Canary Islands Because of Volcanic Activity,  you might get your New York Wall of Water

  12. ok, last comment, I promise (I've come back and watched this a few times:). At 2:512:54 (clicked thru) and first, looks indicative of Ison's sun perihelion.  Next a "broken", if you will, SOHO… (the stem, up at right, to the centered SOHO sun cover is disconnected…) hmmm      .


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