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  1. Interesting, you merely offhandedly mentioned your… interesting reasoning as to why atheism is satanic, while you littered the rest of the video with personal incredulity and the teachings of book, that might as well be a work of fiction.
    Let me explain to you some things, that you may find interesting and other things, that may come as a surprise to you:

    Firstly, the Big Bang theory does not say, that the universe came from a giant explosion, rather it has always existed, it was merely condensed into a tiny spot, that started expanding billions of years ago, an effect that could have very well been caused by a god.

    Secondly, we are in no way shape or form perfect. We can catch illnesses, okay those were apparently a result of sin, we are absolutely unfit for life in the wilderness and we are destroying ourselves by merely going about our daily routine, as our spine is not entirely fit to support us walking upright from what I've heard. Adam may have been perfect, but we certainly are not.

    Thirdly, calling your God almighty, while stating, that the Bible is true, without actual independent evidence mind you, is an actual contradiction, as in Judges 1:19, he was unable to defeat people, because they possessed iron chariots…

    Lastly, you say atheists have a satanic background and yet here you are, praising a higher being, making use of magical properties of someone's blood and being obviously deceived. Who says, that the Bible could not have been corrupted? Who says, that Satan had no hand in its writing? It is actually quite easy to draw a lot of similarities between the way Christians define Satanism and Christianity itself.
    Both indoctrinate people, both are about blood magic, both praise a higher being, both are about making money out of the religion and both have no evidence to support them outside of the Bible. What if Satan is the one you are accidentally worshipping? What if all this time, the roles were switched? God might be behind the science, that seeks to explain and improve the world, whereas Satan is the one behind trying to stop that process, because he fears, that we might discover God and is desperately calling for all progress to be stopped, nay reverted back. Let that one sink in and then tell me what you think.

    Also, if Judgment day ever comes, I say bring it, because I somewhat believe in god, but on the other hand I am simultaneously doubting his existence. However, whatever may come then, I will be ready, standing on my own in my personally forged armor with a sword in hand, calmly awaiting whatever may come, because I am ready for some excitement.

  2. God our heavenly father isn't of this world so the majority of this world will never understand because no one has seen him. Its called faith that we believe. The Bible explains the mystery of GOD. Read it. He doesn't make sense to some because of one word….parables

  3. So i'm curious. If this is your opinion of Athiests, what about those of us who believe in the existence of a god(s) but not the christian one? Are we doing Lucifer's work also?
    I would like to state that I am NOT trying to mock you. I am genuinely interested. I am a polythiest and curious to know about the christian beliefs on those such as myself

  4. God is everywhere, but remember the times Jesus came to earth when there were miracles and there were ppl who still had doubts.This is the time to follow his path that will lead to love and eternal bless;we will hold hands to make sure we don’t lose our way; those who don’t follow well it’s their choice. It’s amazing how God still has mercy for humanity,but where there is a beginning there is an end.However now is the time to choose a path. Like u said in one of your videos there is no such thing as choosing the middle.there is only the right side, and the wrong side.the wide door, and the narrow door which one will you choose.

  5. Order out of chaos,'terrorism is MK ultra subjects' nothing occurs with out government knowledge it's a ploy to usher in 'agenda 21' martial law NWO. Order out of chaos symbolises the black cube the illuminati believe in it, look at Microsoft logo? Now you will notice cube logos Evreywhere

  6. Controversy7 people on here are, some are hating you because your a confident speaker, keep it up! Satan is the God ruling now, why do you have think their is suicide? Satan will appear around you in a powerful presence any time your depressed, urging you to end it, Satan can enter you, how do you think adults stab kids? The demon can enter you through your despair.

  7. Order out of chaos,'terrorism is MK ultra subjects' nothing occurs with out government knowledge it's a ploy to usher in 'agenda 21' martial law NWO. Order out of chaos symbolises the black cube the illuminati believe in it, look at Microsoft logo? Now you will notice cube logos Evreywhere

  8. Controversy7 people on here are, some are hating you because your a confident speaker, keep it up! Satan is the God ruling now, why do you have think their is suicide? Satan will appear around you in a powerful presence any time your depressed, urging you to end it, Satan can enter you, how do you think adults stab kids? The demon can enter you through your despair

  9. My fine friend and brother, it is so easy to proove GOD exists. As soon as the understanding that biologics are highly advanced technology, and this is GOD's signature for all who have their spiritual eyes wide open 2 c cheers

  10. What if Lucifer wants to ask for forgiveness? Isn’t forgiveness one of the main ideologies of Christianity? Maybe the Masons are trying to help him with a redemption story?

    I guess we all just assume Lucifer will be forever evil, never feeling guilt for his crimes.

    But geez, he was one of God’s favorite angels. They used to be bros, but God tossed him down from the dome, locked him up and threw away the key.

    Ok, but we are we are living down here? Why are we in this prison God created for Lucifer?

    Thanks a lot, God. I’ve been doing good this life, so please let me level up to a better dome next time.

  11. first of all I refuse to watch your full video I watched the review about your video and all I have to say is that most atheists do not believe in Satan, and just because you're poorly educated about the Bible and about atheistic viewpoint does it mean you have the right to make a video labeling all atheist as satanic worshipping assholes judge not unless you yourself want to be judged in return hold yourself to the standards that you wish to be able to your Bible is full of murder, genocide, rape, incest, bigotry, homophobia, and sexism so why should I believe anything that your Bible has to say when I hold myself to a higher moral standard as an atheist

  12. Where's the beef, you keep holding up a hamburger but when we ask what's in it you say it's good or try it. you avoid the answer with a whole bunch of word salad.

    Where is your fucking proof that there is anything more than a fictional story construct known as god? You believe in a fantasy because the fantasy has be reinforced with many other great sounding reinforcing fantasies which are backed by even more. But when you peel back all those layers of onion-like skin you are left with nothing. The Bible is even worse, so full of contradictions, errors and outright lies, that even the dumbest person I know could see that none of the stories in the bible could possibly be true, they don't even complement each other most of the time, like the 2 different accounts of creation in Genesis chapters 1-2?
    The bible is a shitty mash-up of shitty unfinished myths and fantastical stories, most of which are plagiarized from literary works that never claimed to be anything but poetry, or heroic mythology. Ahem, noah's ark cough

  13. Wow, how can someone be in charge of a theory? Theories are descriptions to natural phenomenons, they give demonstrable results. You were sounding all nutty with the word salads you were tossing up, then you went all crazy. And the problems still stands, you have offered no proof to your claims you rambled through your video.

  14. You have very simple flaws in your argument, they're not constructed very well. Basis for your argument suggests your god is incomprehensible to the those whom he created. For example, around 5:20 or so, when you say "we are bound to time, we have beginnings and ends" you are assuming we didn't invent time, and you try to add meanings to "beginning and end" by using them in the traditional sense, and no wannabe abstract term has widely accepted strict definition in the traditional sense, therefore using them in this way is not very wise, just like what you say in most of the video.

  15. My father was a Mason. Do you know what the one and only qualification for membership is? Obviously you don't, or you'd not have made such a patently absurd claim about them, so let me enlighten you in that regard. To become a Mason – one must believe in a Supreme Being. Could be Allah, could be Yahweh, could be Olorun, could be Shiva, could be any of the many gods that people have invented over the centuries; but do you know who it cannot be? Satan. No Mason can believe in/worship Satan.
    I am not myself a Mason, and I never will be. I do not qualify for membership. I am a defender of truth, though, and what you are purveying is the opposite of truth. Stop it.

  16. I think that you skipped the most important step. Which is proving God's existence or at least provide evidence in support of it. Otherwise you are just making things up and believing them as you go.

  17. The reason why atheists say there is no "God", is because there is simply no evidence for any of them. Is it really that hard to understand?
    No, according to the Bible we stole this logic by eating the fruit of knowledge, of knowing right from evil, so your "God" didn't even want us to have a self thinking brain, and using logic to solve problems. That's what I read if I read Genesis. This "God" even banned these people out off his paradise, in pure spite. And cursed all of humanity for it eternally.
    Sorry, we KNOW we aren't created, nothing natural on this world is, all the evidence points to a very long process of evolutionary steps, and common ancestry, going back millions of years. We KNOW the earth is about 3.6 billion years old, and formed after the forming of our star the sun, it's not created at all just some 6-8 thousand years ago.
    The first second on a clock that began to tick, was right after the first watch/clock was invented that made a ticking sound every second, not at all hard to answer this. Time is a human concept, period.
    Where is that roam where time isn't present, and where your "God" is? There must be something we can measure, test, or see/feel, if you claim such place exists. If you can't tell me, it's just a baseless claim.
    I'm just some 8 minutes in, but so far you've only done some acrobatic mind bending and given far fetched explanations why you think there is a "God", and it must be YOUR "God".
    And your "God" did interact within this roam, just read Genesis a bit better, mainly about Abram/Abraham. This "God appeared quite often to him if I read Genesis 12-25, and the same with many other people in that book, why hasn't he done so for thousands of years?
    The Bible also tells us that we were created in his image, with means he/or she must look like a human, or am I missing something? That "thinking in spirit of him/her" means you do it in your mind, not that you think of him AS a spirit/ghost.
    Angels are spirits, aka ghosts according to you, nope, not in my Bibles. And according to my Bibles are angels also immortal, until this god kills one, or they kill each other, which has happened according to my Bibles.
    And yes, you do have a logic, but aren't logical at all.
    Yes; order out off chaos is something very natural, just look at a forest after a hurricane, it's a pure chaos, come back a few years later, and there is order again, happens all the time anywhere in the universe.
    Sorry, but where is the evidence this Lucifer exists? He too is mentioned only in the Bible, and was a fallen angel in it.
    Sorry, but if you can't prove there is anything else besides the physical dimension, your assumption is just that: an assumption.
    And your "God"is pretty good described in the Bible, so we do can imagine how he is: a spite-full, jealous bully that looks like a human.
    Invoking magic, which your "God"doesn't like, is your explanation of how the world came to be? Cause speaking something into existence is still magic, until we invent a machine that can do this, but still uses basic materials to do it (thinking of replicators from Star Trek).
    Sorry, but you contradict yourself with claiming "God" created us with his hands, using his fingers, and earlier you claimed "God" isn't physical, but a spirit.

  18. do you even know that masons don't let the atheists in their little club? Do you know anything about masons besides scary stories from the idiots who brainwashed you in the first place?

  19. God did not give humans widom and logic his specefigly told Adam to never eat The apel of wisdom, and him made The frist humans in his imege so IF that is so god will de logical but his not, This is just two resons god is unvery of my worship IF he exsists, and I dont Thing hr dø.


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