Flat Earth Rant: Waterworlds, Conspiracy & Creation.com…

So what started as just a “routine” commentary on an article from Creation Ministries International, and NASA’s press conference today revealing their “discoveries” involving the “ocean worlds” of Enceladus and Europa, wound up somehow turning into a full-blown rant. What can I say, it happens sometimes…



  1. I was stupid ignorant believing this lie of nasa, even since my young age I had the info saying otherwise !! But it was a point when I choose to be on the side of what was so self evident!! That the Earth was flat and our celestial host his right there to say out loud the most amazing truths of our Lord our Creator …I am in part very fullfil and digesting the food and once is done ,them continues asking the Lord to say to my soul more and more truths !! At the same time I am willing to drop what is no real to feed an nourish my soul with the help of God , and for those who sees not truth fact , I think they choose to be really ignorant stupid by their own will in front of the clear evidences !!! For those the punishment is all ready in them Wich is believe the laughable nada and his mineons !!!! The reing be forever of our Lord !!!!

  2. Well said and needed to be said for all of us. Glad to see the journey continues as this older piece came up in my feed. Did anyone note the large blond NASA transvestite? Another plant, another agenda. ….

  3. you are saying nothing but the truth !! those evangelicals hypocrites are responsible of many disgraces !! remember by their fruits you will know who is of GOD ,…and remember the God of this world blindfold them for they no to see the truth !! so they don't see the truth so for they don't see CHRIST !! brother keep the good fight !

  4. Preach it brother! My sentiments exactly. So relieved there are other believers who realise the lies, who truly love God, and who are awake. I'm so tired of this world and its idols, the willful blindness, the fake constructs and science, the wickedness and the violence, the lawlessness, ad infinitum.
    But all thanks and all glory be to God that we have a blessed hope; He alone is our salvation!!!
    This is the end….. bring it on already!
    I cling to the Rock that is higher than I.
    Let us hold fast to the Truth; He is Truth. He is Faithful. He is Everlasting Life.
    Deut 6:5. Deut 7:9.
    He will keeps us. Let us love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our soul, all our strength! Pursue Him. Seek Him and His righteousness.
    The Spirit and the bride say, Come. Come quickly Lord Jesus!
    Rev 22:20 ~ and He says yes, He IS coming quickly! Woohoo!!! seriously, I can't wait for my Lord and my Redeemer. Amen!
    All my brothers and sisters in Christ, the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with all of you! Amen.

  5. That was pretty good. People are starting to open their minds, We are beginning-to Question, again. The establishment ( Nasa) and the like, I believe they are becoming fearful. Its a numbers game for them, still droves of people the don’t question them, so they get away with it.

  6. I love how you express your frustration. Since I became a flat earther I became closer to God and accepted our lord Jesus Christ to my life again. I lost a few friends and relatives because they think I've lost my mind. I feel the same way you do. If I'm so wrong about the earth being flat, then why can't they just prove me wrong about my belief? It's because they can't.

  7. Come on dude lay off, the ones still sleeping r scared to wake up. When I woke up it scared the dam shit outta me.. Remember bro we were taught this shit since BIRTH bubba come on. Some just are unreachable… And others take a long time to see, it's not worth losing ur temper over. Come on when you first heard flat earth were you convinced right then and there? No I highly dought that..

  8. This world was never God’s world. He did not create this world for Himself, but rather as a gift for us; and what’s the first thing we did with this gift? We chose not to believe our creator, and turned this place into a living hell that was so putrid, so lurid, and so filthy, that God Himself was compelled to destroy what He had given, and begin anew. Did we learn from this lesson? No! We stand again upon the abyss that is the blackness of irredeemable sin.

    Thankfully, God will not be so moved again by our sinful nature, and sent His only begotten Son to die as a sacrifice that is acceptable for our sins, and for our salvation.

    Please; repent, be baptized, and embrace the salvation sent to us, so that you may have an abundant life to come.

  9. Thank you so much. Thank you for being real. I am feeling what you’re feeling. I know this is a year old but I’m slowly getting through all your back vids.
    I am in a quandary of whether to leave my church as I’ve basically been silenced by my pastor and I am so angry and hurt. However, I know that God’s truth stands against all the lies. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  10. Hang in there brother! You are standing for truth and doing it better than pretty much anybody out there imho. I am with you wholeheartedly. Youve said yourself this is not gonna change the world but you ARE changing minds. So take heart, your efforts are worth it..BIG TIME! God bless..

  11. I believe, I truly do now. I am just not quite sure what to do exactly. I've been praying and waiting silently for some sign, any sort of guidance. I feel overwhelmed at times though and my spirit feels paralyzed. There are so many distractions and problems, the waters are muddied. I don't know what to do.

  12. That’s exactly how I feel about people that claim to believe in the Bible and knew the scriptures but still refuse to acknowledge what’s right in front of their face !! The earths a circle and not a sphere . It is immovable and rolled as a stamp . And you hit it right on the nose ……. this world is in control of the wicked one !!! Everything they show you on t v magazines , “science “all those lies and lies and LIES!!! I once was deep in the metaphysics beliefs and aliens and space … hell , I have a pine cone tatted on my forearm !!! Then I started studying the Bible , making connection and my eyes were open about. This world teaching everyone the opposite of what God wants from his Creation !! I could ramble on and on but you cover my feelings exactly in this video. Great upload .

  13. I used to follow AIG, CMI and all of those ministries until I found out the earth was flat, since then I’ve taken very little information from their realm as I have a sneaking suspicion some of those employed at these ministries are controlled opposition. Others are just heavily indoctrinated and don’t want to lose their followings. Keep doing what you do brother, you are one of the best channels I’ve found for the biblical connections and also being humble in the process.

  14. Thank you for helping me wake-up to this deception. Don't let the enemy get to your psyche by those still under his control.

    After I got saved from the cult of Bahai my eyes were open. From this point I knew there was something wrong in the new reality I saw from eyes that can understand what sin really is. My search got stalled by addictions to drugs and alcohol. Those dark times are over but in hind sight I could understand why I had to go thru this. Maybe I'm wrong but now that I am clean and sober my discernment of what we call the world now is much clearer in that now I can see that Satan is everywhere. From symbolism to media, academia, governments, NASA and the church.

    Your unique perspectives of FE have filled in the gaps to what I could not focus on due to the knowledge of it and a (false) faith that this deception couldn't be that deep and profound.

    Thank you for all that you do. Don't be frustrated by those still asleep, they will awaken soon.
    Peace and love


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