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  1. Amen! My testimony: After being an atheist for 8+ years, and "married" to another female, I got the urge one day to say out loud "IF there is an Almighty God that does NOT wish us pain or sorrow, please bring me truth, I wish to know you exist". Then God immediately started bringing me the answers I had been searching 8-11 YEARS for! I witnessed Him take control of my internet and the rest of my reality; He first proved to me that demons exist (I called them "inter-dimensional beings"), then He proved His own existence, which I later found to be Jesus Christ. As soon as I found Jesus at the end of 2020, He IMMEDIATELY took away my transgenderism, bisexuality, depression, daily suicide attempts, self harm, bulimia and anorexia; and He did this all without me asking Him to, because THAT'S how merciful and loving He is! Praise God!


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