“Is there a secret global government with apocalyptic bunkers under our feet? Maybe.”

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Denver International Airport with beautiful Sunrise
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4K Hi Tech User Interface Head Up Display (loopable)
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Technology network.
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Roof top view of the airport on a semi sunny day
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Inspecting the troops
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Japanese Warriors Repel Mongol Invasion
wynnter/Getty Images
Disney’s The Lion King European Premiere – London
Ian West – PA Images/Getty Images
All-Seeing Eye of God (The Eye of Providence | Eye of Omniscience | Luminous Delta | Oculus Dei). Ancient mystical sacral symbol of Illuminati and Freemasonry.
Adobest/Getty Images

all-seeing eye on the one dollar. New world order. elite characters. 1 dollar. Mason sign symbol
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Asteroid Impact on Planet Earth – Orange
SpaceStockFootage/Getty Images
Suitcases on luggage conveyor at the airport
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  1. Man you dropped this vid right before the pandemic. You need to relook at the common facts from the last two yeard and I think you'll find this arguement sways the other way now

  2. Not even a min in but you should definitely do a update and fyi to be Illuminati you have go through the masons but we have to worry about who’s controlling them are you really denying this bro you and everyone with you deserve whatever happens

  3. There is no German man named Klaus Schwab and even he did exist there is no evidence to suggest he said "you will own nothing and be happy" and there is no reason to believe he want to take over the world or wants a unified state

  4. People have to stop calling this a theory. With the rhetoric that politicians and big business leaders have been using, I'm inclined to believe this to be reality at this point. 😭

  5. It's not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact. There is enough evidence exposed out for everyone to research. But most people won't unless they get spoon fed the information. Class of sheeple deserve to be slaves I guess.

  6. ok but why would buzzfeed post this, Illuminati is real but this guy isnt saying all of the stuff we need to know, they're scared thats why they're not saying each detail.


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