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  1. Hey Richie – all my subscriptions were wiped out as well as my sign-on passwords. it gave me a major hassle establishing that again. it was all i could do to get back on youtube. am i the only one this is happening to?

  2. Putting on the FULL Armor of YAH… Rebuking and coming against the enemy, the chemtrails, the poison in our food and water. Praying the Blood of Yahushua over this nation. Time to repent!

  3. the weeks of your overcast skies they have been spraying the skies ever day till our clear blue turns the weather man called it filtered….in thr evening it leaves for u


  5. I know referring to a sci-fi is wack but the TV Series that was cut short called Caprica (prequel to Battles Stay Galactica) is about a digital spontaneous AI developed from information gathered from the web. Answers in Plane Sight.

  6. In the last week or so, I've noticed that youtube has changed so that I can't like any videos, and most times I can't comment or thumbs up any comments, and I can't see my subscriptions or get them to come up on the main page like usual. Today I can comment again but it took some effort to get to your channel. Wish I could give you a thumbs up but I guess they are blocking the algorithms or whatever. How about they let us think for ourselves and stop manipulating people's freedom of expression. I can't even exercise my 1st amendment rights. #yootoobsuks

  7. Social Media has your pictures, your likes, dislikes, your thoughts so it is very easy for them to make an digital voodoo doll of you to focus their magic against you. Pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ to protect yourself. The full armor of God.

  8. Waking others and sharing the truth is definately wat we all need to be doing but its not gettin us anywher we need find a better tactic how all the awake truthers&truther channels unite become voices of millions accross this earth were being taken out & rounded up folks never heard from again 👀

  9. Basing everything from a book you don't know who wrote… Your beliefs makes it true. Now think, why would some one write a book like that unless they knew you would run with it and make it true. Seriously bro do you think the human brain does nothing but move you around.

  10. I reached the same conclusion after seeing that they can make an exact virtual replica of anyone, that linked to a complete behavioural mapping its creating an electromagnetic clone of everyone which they can use to inflyence the psysical body. In other words they are creating virtual voodo dolls of us.

  11. This past week a lot of people have complained of anxiety and weird emotional feelings. Has this happened to anyone else in the last few days? Its weird cause I have heard it from like 10 different people all complaining of the same thing.

  12. Reporting for central Pacific Asia: Let me CONFIRM THIS and report: As I type this, THE SKY IS COMPLETELY hazed over again and again and again by either a greyish-white haze, or a bluish-grey haze THAT COVERS EVERY INCH OF THE SKY ! The sun is barely visible. When there ARE clouds to be seen they are NOT AT ALL natural looking clouds! RARELY do you ever see a clear blue sky that looks normal or natural.(!) IT IS CLEARLY GEO-ENGINEERING and poison/chem-spraying!
    In the last several years I cannot help but notice that the birds, bees, and butterflies are down to almost nothing! – VERY few compared to ten years ago! THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE ECO-DISASTER!

  13. New ridiculous laws, chemtrailing all night long. Lack of Oxygen in the air, burning in my nose, coughing more, burning on my head (like sunburn). Metal taste in mouth. Stay out of the mist at night that falls. Not good.


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