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  1. Do what u need to.. just trust and know that God loves u guys and his Grace.. if she’s still on one thing when she comes home slowly take time going off that as well.. tell her when she goes to tell them one thing.. one pill choose which one

  2. God is bigger than our problems you're too hard on yourself let go & let God! I don't want you to end up on meds. We are not God not implying that you are trying to play God but sometimes we just need to be still and give it ALL to God!

  3. I have faith that the LORD will strengthen you and your daughter. Nothing is impossible with GOD, with GOD all things are possible. Please don't give up, stay strong and the LORD will deliver the you both. A broken and a contrite heart HE will not despise. May the LORD have mercy on you and your family as well as everyone here.

  4. Getting off meds is a gradual process. I can imagine the chemical imbalance the meds cause and could take months or years to go back to a natural balance. There have been recent research that depression and other mental ailments is not caused by the so called " chemical imbalances" in the brain . IMHO, mental health isssues are caused by simply being human, sinful practices, truama, not having a close walk with Jesus, living in a sinful world and spiritual warfare. Taking meds seems like an easy way out to numb ourselves of the pain but has long term consequences, which I believe cause the real imbalances in the brain and then dealing with all of the unresolved issues on top of that makes things worst! There needs to be an approach of prayer, fasting, proper nutrition, medical support, individual therapy, group therapy and strengthening her walk with Jesus. I would not blame your faith since this is a natural process and working at God's timing. Keep praying without ceasing brother!

  5. It's not your weak faith brother. It's unrepentant sin. Jesus cannot lawfully step in and solve this issue, because she hasn't repented for using pharmakia to solve her problems. Instead of going to the Lord for deliverance, in repentance, many people run to the Beast system and start using potions to solve their problems, when it's deliverance they need. Just please consider telling her to repent for using all these chemicals. Then Jesus can cover her sin in this and have lawful right to step in and deliver her. We are praying for you both and I hope this helps.

  6. Keep faith in the Lord Jesus and He will deliver her in His perfect time. Her testimony will be great😃I can't wait to hear it.🙏🙏 Never give up but continue to surrender to Jesus.❤️

  7. Be encouraged brother. Praying for the both of you. Jesus said if the unjust judge will avenge the widow her adversary how much more will God avenge us our adversary a.k.a. (psych meds). Keep storming the throne room brother. Luke 18


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