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Wealth Transfer, Shiba Inu Confirmations | Dream, Woke Up to, Song | Celebration for body of Christ!

Jesus loves you, He died for your sins.
Belief = Action, Must Also:
Accept His Sacrifice – John 14:6 KJV
Repent – Luke 13:5
Turn from Sin – Rom 6:1-2, 1 John 1:7
Be Baptized & Born Again – John 3:3,5
Obey GOD & Jesus – Rev 22:14, Matt 22:37-39, Gal 5:19-25
Inherit the Kingdom of GOD!

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You are truly appreciated, GOD Bless you!

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Matt 26:6-13

Kisha L’ray ~ Faith . Home . Decor

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  1. Also, one of my recent community posts:
    "9.9.2022, little before 11:06 pm Woke up, while praying heard "He's releasing, Waves" – Not sure what it means exactly but I have heard a couple people speak about waves lately.
    Little after saw 'package of salt being sprinkled out'. – Reminds me of "Ye are the salt of the earth" and "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."
    Perhaps this means GOD is releasing waves of Blessings that will set HIS people on a hill that cannot be hid in a major way, the salt and light of the world to build HIS Kingdom, Praise GOD!!!

  2. This is beautiful, I also asked God to give me a dream. He didn’t tel me Shiba or XRP but he showed me Luna. In the dream and I was telling someone to pull your money out when it hits 8 but I wasn’t specific, I just said you have to pull it out when it hits 8. God is God, thank you Jesus❣️

  3. I also had a dream I presented a Invictus watch worth $6312 to my pastor and spiritual father. It was solid Gold and I think it was red.
    I did not understand it why I did it , but now I do. I gave it because I had it.
    And Invictus means Undefeated Unconquered , so I believe I am about to be positioned as well.

  4. I listen to the audio bible as I sleep as well. And it seems like your spirit is wide open. many times I will be dreaming and here the bible playing in my dreams. Or whoever I am speaking with in my dreams the bible will be coming out of their mouth in the dream. So I can relate. I also encourage you to listen to different versions , it takes on new meaning as well.
    I am going to check those scripture out as well , Thank you

  5. This morning in my dream I heard… Shiba Inu marriage. (???)

    I listen to the Bible while sleeping too. 😴
    PS… I keep hearing from people that God the Father used what we call worldly songs to give them a message. I would say more, but I don't want people to fall out LOL

  6. sis i already knew about shiba inu since 2020 i just never took it seriously until this year when i saw camille hedrick video. i never even asked God for confirmation but i had a dream the shiba inu went up to 1.25 this was like 4 days ago.

    the funny part is before i saw her videos i had literally just got done praying askng God how soon imma be rich literally like 10 minutes before her wealth transfer video popped up in my feed. never heard about the transfer before then. and i knew she wasn't lying because this is literally all i've been thinking about since taking my real estate prelicensing course…. and i been wanting to flip houses for years and get acres of land to farm on… i was wondering why so many thoughts of who should and should be around, what imma do oonce im rich was flowing through my brain so preparing to have to wait a couple years before im rich and God was like NOPE ITS SOONER THAN THAT BABY lol i love God so much.

    girl when i say im on the struggle bus right now…I MEAN THAT! my phone is off, i gotta pay 80 to get it back on. My state licensing exam is 80 to get my real estate salesperson license, can't doordash or uber eats BECAUSE my phone off and guess what…….i cant even go sell plasma to get the phone bill money because MY TIRE IS FLAT lol i need a new tire lmboooooooo i promise i wont ever forget these humble beginnings . oh and my birthday is october 1st so we out here!! lol im not gon be stressed i refuse to worry bro.

  7. I really appreciate the way TMH provides needed quality items through the thrift stores. Recently after four years of wear I retired my fave sandals. Than I found a similar pair of sandals in the weeded out-of-season pile. I knew they were meant for me $2. I also found at Walmart long black tank dresses after years of searching. I bought five. I found winter leggings another time at thrift store. All I need now are a pair of warm winter boots. we have real winters here! I know Father will provide! Im so thankful. I would never spend $3000. full price. My Heavenly Father has spoiled & surprises me with quality items at thrift stores for a fraction of cost. And it's good stewardship recycling rather than cluttering the planet.. I think so. Thank you for sharing your journey 🤍

  8. It's great because I saw a Shiba inu dog running in a field of dreams. Right during a Julie Green word on Your tube. Buy don't sell it would be the first time God Jesus gave me a good new. Or likes the transfer I got in 09 or our he healed me! Trusting him thru it all! ps I hold near billion shib.

  9. This morning I heard "UNLEAVEN BREAD" Unleavened bread is bread that is made without leaven, which is another word for yeast. Yeast makes bread rise, so when bread is unleavened, it remains flat and dense. The Israelites ate unleavened bread as part of the Passover celebration. It was symbolic of the haste with which the Israelites fled Egypt during the Exodus—they left so quickly that the bread did not have time to rise. God instructed them to commemorate the event by eating unleavened bread: "You shall eat no leavened bread with it. Seven days you shall eat it with unleavened bread, the bread of affliction—for you came out of the land of Egypt in haste—that all the days of your life you may remember the day when you came out of the land of Egypt" (Deuteronomy 16:3). YAH said" He is about to take us out of Egypt in haste" This wealth transfer is going to happen suddenly, and when it does, when we enter into that rest, don't forget Him, and what he brought you out of. Shalom


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