“…the trauma of the media and the corporations lying so much, then everything begins – you don’t trust anything anymore, kind of like a child whose parents lie to them over and over again, well, pretty soon they don’t know what reality is…”

I suppose it only makes sense that the narrative of “conspiracy theories = mental illness” would ultimately be broadcast by the most (in)famous conspiracy theorist figure in all of media…



  1. Ha! Same here, I once had someone tell me that he liked what I had to say (I think it was about feminism) until I mentioned Jesus and "ruined his ride." Lol…I answered back, "I feel the same about atheists who ruin creation with their talk of evolution. It's nice to have some empathy isn't it?" Never got a reply. 😏

  2. Big follower of your Will, how did I missed this one. Thank you so much for your will to continue doing this. I hope you're saving all your stuff in a place where "THEY" can't get to it. I comentented on your channel when you were going thru some tough times with your significant other. Don't know what happen with that chapter in your life, but I'm very glad your work is back on utube. Funny how I'm facing the same issues right now. Losing my business, house and my wife could'nt take the stress so she went to live with her mom till……..? Wish we all real truthers could stay in touch….. thank you…..

  3. The lies of Sandyhook are easily proven. Facial recognition software is a biatch! The very same children they claimed were slaughtered by an A.R. 15 they found locked in the back of someone else’s car in a different parking lot, showed up at the Super Bowl halftime!!!!!
    Just look at the photographs and compare them to the three year old photographs released by the media. They are the same children! A sick disgusting Masonic Ritual rubbing the horror RIGHT IN YOUR FACE…Indisputable and an absolute fact!
    But that is completely beside the point. Alex Jones could win in court if he wanted to, so why isn’t he? This seems to support the idea that he has been a shill all along and simply controlled opposition. The Flat Earth is likewise a demonstrable fact. Quite EASILY proven in my view, but AGAIN….THATS NOT THE POINT. Even if God filled the sky with His face and screamed for everyone’s attention, 24 hours later the entire event would be dismissed as an advertising stunt and 5he world would return to Its nefarious pleasures without missing a beat. Most people believe what they want to believe and simply search for support and encouragement for their already existing bias. Truth is no longer the goal, only control, so what people believe is less the issue than HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT IT because their emotions are easily controlled an their will and actions will simply follow….

  4. I seen his fingers go from 4 to 3 right in front of my eyes that's all I needed to see you to know this guy is straight evil. I'm talking about Bill Hicks / Alex Jones whatever you want to call him.

  5. I started investigating 9/11 and ended up in the book of Genesis 5 years later, not because of what I believe It was there deceptions and belief in Satan that landed me in the bible. Once I got past taxation, government corruption and Every connected false flag war and human tradgity all the other deceptions were to hide the proofs of Gods exsistance and the authenticity of the bible, Slowly but surely within 600 years Satan managed to replaced the bible and Gods creation with evolution and a globe, he replaced the world wide flood extinction with a meteor, they told us the megalifts were a mystery when there's proof of giants haven roamed over the whole of the earth talked about in the bible and mythology, they replaced the demons with aliens. Only Satan himself could convince the world the bible is a book of fairytales and that God doesn't exist while his minions prepare for his arrival unimpeded how sad for humanity robbed of there only defence….God


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