Welcome to CES and our Wednesday evening service!

Tonight’s study begins at Galatians 3:23 and ends with Galatians 3:29.

On Wednesdays, sister Renee and brothers Luke and Cripps study Scripture together verse-by-verse and make use of a few different Bible versions (KJV, AMPC, NABRE, and NET) to get a fuller understanding.

Participate in the chatroom for fellowship, edification, and prayers among the brethren. Feel free to ask the panel any questions pertaining to the study at hand. PLEASE USE ALL CAPS IN CHAT WHEN ASKING THE PANEL A QUESTION (We know you are not screaming at us, LOL!).

So, join us each week as we dive into God’s Word together as the family that we are. May the Good Lord bless you and yours!



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