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Christian hip hop has most memorable Dove Awards to date:

Andy Mineo’s ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ wins Short Form Video of the Year at 2015 Dove Awards:

Trip Lee on his journey towards the doctrines of grace (Reformed theology):

New Music: Levi Hinson – Wake Up:

Rapzilla Freshmen 2015 Album Details Revealed:

Tory Starks announces tracklist of upcoming album ‘2AM’:

Sean Simmonds Releases New Album ‘Borne IDentity’:

S.O. reveals tracklist for upcoming album ‘So It Ends’:

Video: Dee-1 – My Student Got Murdered (Both Sides of the Gun):

Music used in Video:
HillaryJane – Reign on Me
Marz Ferrer – Take Me Away (Wontel Remix)
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  1. I like the idea behind The Weekly Recap. Continue doing these. I appreciate her freshman effort. May she grow from that to sophomore, junior, and finally to senior. A script would help as well as more word choice. Also, when they mention the music that is in the recap some of that music should be played in the background. Major props for Alyssa doing this. She will get better with time. God bless you, Rapzilla.

  2. Um… I like the concept of the video.. but it was a little hard to watch because how she presents the information was choppy and bland. (for lack of a better word) Not sure if she was doing it on purpose or if that was the aim.. Maybe she should take a public speaking class to help her be more fluent while talking. Not trying to be mean… he presentation just needs to be polished a bit more.

  3. Why say an album is amazing when you haven't listened to it. ? ive busted flatterers who b like wow ur rap was good when they only heard 30 seconds of the track. Alyssa is cool beans though. Hard to convince people to buy albums especially when something in the content might convict them to change their lives. She got a lot of material to cover in a short space of time so major props alyssa

  4. This seems so real, so honest, so… unrehearsed.

    … rehearse. Please.

    Also, some kind of script or guide with a bunch of adjectives to choose from may be a great help for you.

    I look forward to your next recap.

  5. Love the recap video concept, but the hosting was pretty poor and sounded very fake. If her script was more structured and there was less "yeah" or "its awesome," it might have been better. Great concept, poor execution

  6. I think the concept of this is good but prob needs to be improved a little bit:
    Use more cuts so she's not looking offscreen or at her phone or going "annnnnd yeah".
    Offer more insight instead of just saying this is great you should check it out.
    Play parts of the songs if it's possible.


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