Episode 281: FINAL EPISODE OF 2020! We start with some housekeeping, Kraken 2.0, when go into a Flippy extravaganza who take our jobs, enslave our children, and flirt with our spouses; brief updates with a pair of 33 and 666 x2, Pope caught again, US Navy patent triangular craft, Subtropolis now, cyborg babies; NASHVILLE explosion, m5m reports, citizen journalism, strange audio from scene in reverse; AI propaganda, Congress for AI, AI Mayflower, Fauci admits to lying, virus resurrection, virus mutation lockdowns around the world including LA and Japan, Gonz rant on death count; 2021 predictions! #Nashville #2021 #AI
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  1. RIP Jeff C. Anyone heard if Migraines can be related to Covid? Never had Covid but my 14 yr old daughter was just diagnosed with Migraines w/aura. It’s been causing seizure like episodes like altered mental status and abnormal movements in her limbs. I’m hearing more and more that Covid could be related…..Thoughts?


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