‘We’re Struggling With Worship Music’
About a year ago we played lots of the modern worship collectives on repeat in our home. We were blessed by it. Maverick City, Bethel, Upper Room… we loved singing their songs. More recently we play less and less of their stuff, for a few reasons which we’ll talk about (not to say we’re writing it all off). Also we have found ourselves just overall not singing worship as much. Which kinda stinks. We want to bring more worship music back, while paying a bit closer attention to who and what we’re worshiping to. So today’s video is more or less us processing. Love to hear you guys weigh in on this in the comments.

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  1. Hey P&M Fam! We are so thankful that we can come on here and share our own personal processing with you all! Thank you for walking alongside us and encouraging us as we hope we can encourage you. We’re still very much trying to figure this worship music stuff out. Excited to see your comments about music you like and thoughts you have when it comes to worship music/ collectives 🙂

  2. Integrity Hosanna and Maranatha are on you tube and pandora. I have molded my Pandora thru thumbs up to only include the songs I think are more God oriented instead of man oriented.

  3. I’ve also been struggling with worship music. And it mainly has to do with the Long and wide space sounds and monotonous chord progressions, repetitive phrases. It’s TOUGH.
    I’ve chosen to listen to older worship music because of that, they have more lyrics, less repetitive. The sounds are kinda messing with my head.

  4. I remember going through this period of struggling with not listening to worship music for maybe 2 years. It was very hard because it was such a huge part of my identity as a worship leader. When I finally found sovereign grace, city alight and Getty music I felt like God answered my prayer. And I was so blessed and still am to be able to enjoy worshipping God without feeling guilt .. all the best on your journey

  5. So glad you’re talking about this! I personally don’t listen to these bands anymore bc the Holy Spirit Convicted me. I started researching to their doctrine and was alarmed (false prophet alarm). Don’t be afraid to warn your brothers and sisters! Also, Bethel is DARK!

  6. 2:29 being a witness to that made me feel so uncomfortable.
    I don't know what's going on in the couple but Paul felt really uncomfortable.
    Maybe he likes being in control and he was caught off guard or maybe he felt invalidated.
    I have seen tension before, between the two of you in other videos.
    I will pray for you in case you are struggling 🙏
    God bless 💕

  7. Paul claims to be of THE WORD yet he is SOOOOO OF THE WORLD, that's why youre confused Morgan

    he's manipulative

    praying for your womb, Morgan


  8. I hear you. I stopped listening to anything put put by Hillsong, Bethel, Elevation as well as most CCM artists. I came across a video series that armed me with a lot of great information about music and how to discern what to listen to and what to avoid. Also, one day soon I know my son and I will be having a conversation about music and I can't simply tell him trust me when I say that certain kinds of music are bad. He will need more than my opinion or my personal interpretation of scriptures. This video series opened my eyes and gave me what I need to have a meaningful conversation with him about the subject of music. I highly recommend this series.

  9. Went through this is 2020 and 2021. Especially with listening to Hillsong, Bethel, Maverick City, etc. Had to pray about it and talk with my husband about it. I don’t follow any of those groups on social media, but since watching different youtubers back then I saw them talk about these groups, their beliefs, their posts, etc., and it made me look into some of these controversies. I decided to take the songs on a case by case basis, and really ask God if the content was glorifying Him, or not, and if these groups were standing on Truth or not. It’s still hard to know what to do, because I do like some of their songs and I do fee like some of them are about worshipping God, and make me feel like praising and worshipping God. I don’t know what the correct answer is in regards to this topic, but I’m sure if we keep seeking God and asking Him for discernment, wisdom, and truth He will bring us to the right conclusion or at least give us peace in this area of our life.

  10. I used to play worship every week at a fairly big church doing Hillsong, Bethel, etc…for a few years. However, personally in my own time, I just listened to Christian metal like Impending Doom, For Today, Grave Declaration, Living Sacrifice, Batushka, Hesychast, Fleshkiller, HB, Sympathy. No one ever knew that I did, they would just say "Isn't this new song by Bethel so anointed? Lets do it this week for worship" and I would say "Yea!" I don't mean you should follow my route but some people are not really concerned or caring about "you", they just are ok with you coming to church and doing the thing and their lives are so busy or full that at this particular point in their life, they can only handle you as "the person that comes to church" or "the person that leads worship" or "the person that sets up the coffee". Whether you like to play golf or you don't drink coffee or you really like a certain chapter of the Bible or you have a Youtube channel or you like this music or that is too much information for the average person that can only know you as "what a nice couple. They probably work at the hospital and listen to contemporary worship and do their 20 minute devotional like I do". So if you say, "Well, actually I am really into Keith Green and not so much Hillsong" these people will think "Hey, wasn't Keith Green that weird hippie guy with the big beard? Christians are not supposed to have big beards, are they? Hmm, I might take Morgan off the worship team if she is this weird, and not invite Paul to my home church. Hillsong is nice, all Christians like Hillsong". So, it definitely takes situational wisdom and discernment, but you may not have to spell out every belief you have to every member of your church — most people are happy just knowing everyone in their life as "the garbage man", "the babysitter", "the post woman" etc…and what music they listen to is between them and God. You will have some best friends that actually care about your personal convictions, testimony, struggles, etc but you can also just have dozens or hundreds of people who have 5 minutes for you and in those 5 minutes you can say "We're a nice young married couple and we have a kid on the way" and that will satisfy them. God made you unique, and you connect to God through rap or reformed theology or whatever, and I don't think its really important that we all listen to the exact same songs or Scriptures

  11. Dear Paul and Morgan! Your channel is a huge blessing to me and I’ve share it with family and friends! You inspire me to stand for my convictions, be real and genuine and I love it! About sound biblically based songs that have brought peace and a lot of reassurance and young children use it as lullabies is the channel and songs of Give Glory 2 Him channel. I think you will be blessed! May God continue to guide you and thank you for opening your hearts! Love you guys! -Debbie 🤗

  12. I went through this very conflict the whole of 2020 and part of 2021 I’m glad to say that I’ve at least found some good music to worship the Lord too. I deleted ally of the music I originally loved that just doesn’t minister to me anymore at all. And I agree with Paul, it’s hard for to listen to music by someone with contrary secular beliefs

  13. Hey! I was literally subscribing to your channel after watching your worship music discussion. But I continued scrolling to see what other conversations you’ve had…Sis, Brother I was stunned at the BLM video. I am not a supporter of the BLM movement and I’m a Christian Black woman. The moment Paul said that BLM boycotting White businesses was racist, I had to unsubscribe 😰. There’s a lot of ignorance in your discussion. I say that respectfully. Ignorance is merely your lack of knowledge. I’m curious what you both have to say about Jackie Hill Perry? This channel seems highly judgmental and gossipy and less biblical.

  14. I'm not familiar with the post from maverick city music about LGBTQ, but the other post from their wedding people are just to easily offended these days the only thing people seem to look for is when they might do something wrong and they don't think about that they themselves make mistakes too. People expect all the leaders to have everything together and when they make a mistake they get written off I've been there as well, I've just recently have begun to see that I need to be more open minded because we're not working to be different denomination's but God has called us to unity and that exactly what the devil is attacking in this season.

  15. Hey Morgan & Paul! I just wanted to first say that as of late I’ve been really getting into your content. This is GOOD stuff and I feel pushed and challenged in my faith to wrestle and think critically and seek the spirit on things that aren’t easy. Thank you for being bold and not always saying the easy thing. Secondly, have you guys ever heard of the “spirit and truth” documentary? It touches hugely on worship and doctrine, it may be of interest and provide some helpful things to think through as you wrestle with worship music.
    Much love 💛
    Keep being the salt & light

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