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  1. FEMALES: Here is the video response to your requests as I said & promised you that I will speak on this for you. And yes I did listen to the voice messages left on the answering machine, & hopefully this helps you out. I'm sorry the video is long, but it is what it is lol. I tried to cut it at max 15mins, but that's out the window.

  2. Honestly, I am single and God is teaching me to appreciate this time being single because it allows me to hear His voice is a very special way, and to cater to Him in a way that is not the same when I am in a relationship. It also allows for me to work on myself, to develop my skills, to achieve certain personal goals while I can completely focus on me in a way that is very difficult while in a relationship. I don't believe that we should shun singlehood. There is a season for everything, and there is a season for being single, and there are a lot of benefits of your season of being single, just like there are plenty of benefits and fruits of being in a relationship. I hope you understand where i"m coming from. God Bless!!

  3. I always believe in God and Jesus Christ since my very very young childhood and Live God and Jesus Cgrist from all my Heart, from all myself, my Soul and Spirit. I pray God everyday and thank God and Jesus Christ everyday and repenting from my sins. Well I never been in a good relationship and now I feel more ok about it but many times I got deep down depressed. Now I'm alright I ask God to help me changing the things I had to change. I'm still single but better been songle than be with a wrong girl that is mena to me. I ask God through the name of Jesus Christ to help me meeting my Soulmate and unite me with her. I'm ok to be single but sometimes it still a bit hard and still feel wanting to be with my Soulmate. There is something funny, on the last 2 days I read the same Bible passage as you read in your video. And now I'm watching your video and you read the same passage. Soon as I read it it feels better in my heart and I always trust God from all my heart and Soul and let him guide me entirely. Cause I'm not perfect, as I'm not perfect I'm a sinner as everybody and need Jesus my Savior and God to guide me cause also they are many thing we can't do by ourselve and need the intervention of our Holy God as finding my soulmate as I ask to be less as much a sinner and coming more to have a Holy Behavior. I'm very sure as God knows my needs and me He guide me through that passage you read in the Bible as he also guide me on your videos and many more other videos as you do as well. Now they have many signs of interest from girls. And one of them that I'm very attract to since the first time I saw her, she didn't see me at this time she is new from where I work. She saw me last week and everitime she see me she stop working staring at me as also smiling at me a very talkative smile as I also return her the smile, next time if the time is more appropriate I'll have to talk to her no matter what but even if it's only "hi how are you" and "have a nice day" to introduce myself a bit and then after it the ice will be broken. I don't know why I'm telling you all this but I look on your videos since a couple of time and I really feel that your intentions are very pure in the good way and that you have a strong Faith and a big heart. One video you did got me some tears dropping. I may be a strong guy but I'm very an emotionnal one. As also as looking on videos this is True News and I can see where it's all leading up in the world since longtime I knew all of ehats happened and that is currently happening and will happen no need to say more as also about my faith that helps me knowing I'm in the Right Path. Of course I also learn new thing in this way sure of course and kbow it's God that guide me throught that. Well if this girl is my Soulmate I want tonmarry her of course. But to be honnest I'm afraid of girls that wabt to marry for cash divorce but I'm sure that God will gives me the signs to let me know that she is my Soulmate, as also I dream about a girl like just a week before she giving me huge signs of interests and that girl I dream she looks like very familiar as this girl that giving me these greats signs and I feel very attract to her. I hope that if we really get along and seems been my very Soulmate would like to marry with me and she wouldn't be afraid for cause everyone are afraid of marriage and most want to be with someone but mot married because of "self protecting" of divorce and been with he wrong person. Well I just eant to thanks you soooo much for all your videos your a very good kindheart man and God know this for sure. Also every one can reach you I don't know a lot that can be reach for heling distress people. God bless you and have a wonderfull day !!!

  4. Most of us are selfish and egotistical. That's why relationships don't last. Most people are expecting someone else to make them happy. Most people, especially younger people are idol worshipers. Can't wait on God to give you a mate. God loves us. He knows who we need. We have to ask right! Do not ask amiss so you can fulfill your own lust. God will send the person you can fulfill purpose with. Not fulfill lust with. God is good though. He will send you good looking but they will be godly and the right person will influence you to be closer to God. Not draw you away from him. We must fight out flesh and listen to our spirit. God bless uπŸ’•

  5. i'm going to do the Bizness once only then I'm going to pray to god for Forgiveness then serve god go baptism then I'm going to marry girl that Live close to me in god religion is that cool good or is there a change need Nessisary

  6. oooh good, i looove it ur muuua muuua, u make my day thank you, and yes m so alone an to make worse my situation with no fam,, but gays now days its so hard to find a real one a men, God bless

  7. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!! God is always on time. Forgive me, but I've seen this video in scrolling and didn't give it much attention. Although, I very much enjoy and appreciate your videos. I'm single and I was feeling down in my spirit about it and this video once again came across during my scrolling. You have blessed me. God has blessed me by putting your video in my way again. Thank you again. May our one and only, the TRUE GOD, bless you many, many times over!!

  8. now im not woooow anymore but exactly what u say i was the whole package and men never hit on me or they say i know u have bf and i didnt. but now im very unhappily married.

  9. +Thecontroversy7 Thank you for making this video. This coming June (2017) Is going to be our 20th Wedding Anniversary. It's been rough the last 4 years or so. I pray my husband finds his way back to the man he, has always been. I was single until I was 31 years old. I wasn't happy at all. I was so excited about getting married, Divorce isn't in my vocabulary or my beliefs. That is not the Lord's plan for us. Pray we can work things out. My husband has gotten worse over the last 3-4 years of the way he treats me. I haven't changed at all , i'm still the same type of person, just older, lol. Thanks for this video.


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