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For More anointed praise and worship songs check out the following playlist.
► Midnight Worship Songs http://bit.ly/2H9RdaI
► Praise and worship http://bit.ly/39jBwtv
► Nathaniel Bassey Songs http://bit.ly/378BKT3
► African Praise Medley http://bit.ly/39kGEO3
► Chioma Jesus http://bit.ly/3boV6Xq
► Gospel Music http://bit.ly/39j1OfA
► Christian Songs http://bit.ly/38cFrZf
► Morning Devotion Worship Songs http://bit.ly/37b5WNo
► Powerful Midnight Prayers http://bit.ly/31C7Y82
► Early Morning Worship songs http://bit.ly/2ODKMRi
► African Worship Songs http://bit.ly/37eCCFs
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