What are Gog and Magog? When will Gog and Magog attempt to destroy Israel? What modern nations represent Gog and Magog?

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  1. I would have thought that the main line in the Ezekiel prophecy is, who is the chief prince of Meshek and Tubal? Who is heir to Greek Asia Minor? The Roman people themselves according to the Aeneid, were founded by a Prince from Troy, Willusa in historical records, located at the centre of Meshek and Tubal. Zechariah 9 says that the battle when Christ returns is between the sons of Zion and the sons of Greece. Romulus was a direct descendant of Aeneas, Julius Caesar was a direct descendant and suffered a fatal wound, Augustus was a direct descendant also and according to the pattern in scripture in that the primary horn of each beast ends the line of the previous, for example Cyrus ends Babylon, Alexander ends Persia and Augustus ends the last head of the Diadochi or the four horns which replaced Alexander, at the battle of Actium when he defeats Cleopatra Ptolemy and Marc Anthony. Whilst Dictator Caesar was also pontifex maximus, a title that would become inherent for emperor's, mirroring Christ in that being both king and high priest. Caesar was also resurrected as a God. The line of Aeneas came to an end when Nero died as he killed all heirs, 5 have fallen as revelation states, marking the end of the beast from the sea. The next two emperor's are the Flavians Vespasian and Titus, destroyers of the Jewish temple and use the money from this to build the Colosseum. Constantine the first resurrects the Flavian dynasty, erecting his triumph outside the Colosseum as a tribute to his family, it is adorned with Mithraic icons as the Roman practice of the elite is to worship Mithras at temple's constructed at the soldier forts along the Roman frontier, the God of fortresses. Cutting it short here. Constantine creates the 2nd Rome or Byzantine empire with its capital and being built at the centre of the known world between 3 continents remarkably in the region known as Meshek and Tubal. 10 kings gained their kingdoms through conversion all of which will grow into empires. When Constantinople falls, the last emperor dies leaving only one heir, Sophia is married to Ivan the 3rd of Moscow. Russia believes that it is the rightful heir to the Byzantine empire, the 3rd Rome belief is born and forms the basis for the Russian empire. Putin reinstated the Byzantine flag as the emblem for Russia. Russia is the chief prince to the region known as Meshek and Tubal.

  2. Gog and Magog are chemical compounds found in Vaccines, Chemtrails, GMO products, Processed Food and Water, etc. Gog and Magog are not humans. Btw the Father of Covid 19 and its Vaccines, William Henry BILL Gates III @aBEELahab and wife were prophesied and heavily condemned by God in the Quran, Chapter 111:1-5

    Peace from Elijah/Elias.

  3. As you know, the Qur'an was sent by God about 600 years after Christ and its contents are more up-to-date and have not been changed.

    For this reason, citing the Qur'an can be stronger

    According to verses 5 to 9 of Surah Al-Isra in the Qur'an, God says in the Torah that we told the people of Israel that you will cause great corruption in the land twice, and the second time we will destroy you by the people, and they will enter Al-Aqsa Mosque. Homes are searched to find you

    If we look at the Middle East now, we see the Israeli influence and sedition in the region and the killing of Palestinian women and children.

    And Iran is likely to retaliate against Israel given growing international pressure from the United States and the West

    Another issue mentioned in the Qur'an is that God said that those whose rights have been lost will eventually rule the earth, and that he is probably the twelfth Imam of the family of the last prophet. His name is Mehdi.

    This is stated in verse 105 of Surah Anbiya:

    In the Psalms, after mentioning (the Torah), we wrote: "My worthy servants will inherit (the government) of the earth!

    Regarding Jesus Christ, God says in the Qur'an that he was not killed or crucified. Rather, we raised it to the sky

    And in verse 61 of Surah Al-Zukhruf, God says that the coming of Christ is a sign of the approaching resurrection. So never doubt it, and follow me, this is the right way

    In the narrations of the Shiite Imams, it is said that Jesus Christ came from heaven to help the Absent Imam (Mahdi) and peace between Christians and Muslims.

    And probably in the same period or before that, God will open the barrier that was built on the people of Gog and Magog by an Iranian king and they will attack the people from every direction.

    In general, we will soon enter an important period of history. God has not sent Yamberi for centuries and people have been left alone. Oppression has taken over the world. Certainly, God will not remain indifferent and will soon send signs to punish the wicked people in the world

    Increased earthquakes, climate change, wars and food shortages and rising diseases

    These are the cases with which God punished the people of the past

  4. Are you a good person? Let’s check and see! Have you ever stolen? (Even if it’s something really small or not worth much) Have you ever lied? Or have you ever looked with lust ? Now, have you ever taken the Lords Name in vain? Have you ever hated someone?If you’ve ever done any of those things, you would be either a liar, a thief, an adulterer,(for looking with lust. See Matthew 5:28), a blasphemer(for taking Gods Name in vain), a murderer (for hating someone. See 1 John 3:15) or maybe even all of them. And that was only 5 of the Ten Commandments. Therefore Gods Standard Is Very High. The Bible Even Says That If We’ve Just Broken One Law We’re Guilty Of Breaking Them All. (James 2:10) So we have all sinned against God and therefore deserve death.(Romans 3:23 & 6:23)That’s why ~2000 years ago A Savior was sent; Jesus Christ, to die for the sins of The World And Then He Rose On The 3rd Day . Through His sacrifice He Paid The Fine for our sins, and made Atonement for the sins Of The World. Now we can be made new by accepting The Gift of Salvation. In order to accept This Gift, we must first Repent. This is a change of mind about sin (from an embrace of sin to rejection of sin) and a Turning to God.
    Once you Repent, you can then turn to FAITH/TRUST in the Savior. A person who has truly Repented of their sin and has Trust in Christ will give evidence of a changed life. Therefore, as a Result of Salvation you’ll then produce Good Works and the Fruit of Salvation. (Reading the Word, Acts of Kindness, readiness to help, to serve, to give of oneself, The Fruits of the Spirit, etc.) You aren’t Saved by doing Good Works, but you can then produce Good Works once you are Saved.


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