Join Lindsay and Jordan for a discussion on prophetic dreams.

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  1. Gosh! All this time I didn’t know I was a prophetic dreamer 🥲✨ I’ve started prophetic journalling 3 months ago and God has been coming to me in my dreams like crazy and has been speaking to me and giving me creative ideas for my clothing line ministry ✨😭 theres always imagery and tasteful words 🥲

  2. I have had this same exact thing happen to me and this is the first testimony I have heard like this that matches the details precisely what I’ve experienced. Blown away!!!! 😱

  3. I thank god for your books mrs lindsay everytime i keep reading and re reading your books i feel more closer to the lord amen can you kerp us in preyer emilio and me for a good grandma and grandson relationship with jesus and grandma thank you i keep preyi g to thank you god always blessed you i am at work i will trust the lord the everything it will be ok. I have today another interview for work with children's i preising the lord to get it or if i dont i still going to preising him amen grace grace

  4. Excellent Word Lindsay. Thank you for Your Obedience To The Lord. You are Such A Blessing To Me and The Ministry. And as Always Thank you for Your Prayers and I Recieve and Believe God's BLESSINGS. Amen and Amen. BLESSINGS to you Love Always. Good to see You Jordan. 🤗🤗🤗🤗


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