Episode 73:

What are the different times listed in Daniel 12?



  1. Do you know what the word "abracadabra" means? Webster's 1828 says: "ABRACADAB'RA, The name of a deity worshipped by the Syrians: a cabalistic word." Or what about this definition: "Scholars who support the Hebrew etymology say that abracadabra is a corruption of the Hebrew, ebrah k’dabri, meaning “I will create as I speak,” ie that the act of speech will magically create new realities." You're into some serious heresy that I strongly suggest you repent of immediately…

  2. Thank you David for your rightly divided service to the Body of Christ! Regarding Daniel 12:4, I know it is a small thing, but when compared to Amos 8:12 it seems the running “to and fro” is seeking “the word of the LORD” and therefore the increased knowledge would be spiritual, i.e. Matthew to John and Hebrews to Revelation, not scientific or other. What thinkest thou?

  3. I enjoyed the presentation. I have two comments on the presentaion itself and then I would like to comment on Revelation Chapter 4 and get your opinon. My first comment on the presentation: In Chapter 12, when the women fled into the desert for 3 and 1/2 years I think that occurred when Chrst returned to the Father and Michael cast out Satan. The Church was faithful in those days and God protected them till they grew strong. After Satan realized he could not destroy the church, he waited on the shore of the sea for the antichrist. He is currently still waiting. My second comment is this: From the time that antiochus epiphanes put the statue of Zeus in the Holy of Holies till the Maccabees removed it was 1150 days. 2300 days and nights. Now, I would like you to consider the following regarding Chapterr 4 of Revelation. Ez 1:27-28, Heb 1:3, Rev 4:3, the emerald is the stone of the tribe of Judah in the breastpiece of the HIgh Priest. I believe that Jesus "is" the rainbow resembling an emerald in Chapter 4. Your thoughts?

  4. A question Pastor David. The people that don’t want to hear the gospel in the grace dispensation, when they are left behind will they have the opportunity to get saved after the rapture, or will they be deceived?


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