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  1. Sad to say that this is the magic that these people are talking about placing people under. That is the reason why i will not allow the devils music mess in my home. But I will admit that this man's info is true and is from the Bible. And what was an eye opener to me was the flat earth. Remember we are the salt and light of CHRIST and we have to keep fighting this world cause JESUS CHRIST is worth the fight.

  2. Beyonce and Jay z are a match made from hell! Both of them are nothing to look at!!! Folks that have never seen her in person doesn't know how much of a let down and huge wake up call it is to realise she's not as beautiful as she is in the movies, pictures, videos, and magazines. Most celebrities knows she looks her age, and her face has little pits around the mouth, and wrinkles, also the skin is getting thinner and a lil saggy. She looks like the powerful spirits within her has fully took over her, and her eye's have no life in them. I'm not putting all the blame on Jay z, but it seems like once he came into her life with his rain man, BAPHOMET, Alester Crowley, FREEMASON, Rockefeller, Loving Lucifer self, she's never been the same! He brought powerful spirits around her that was seductive, alluring, and far to powerful in temptation for her to resist without the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT GIVING HER THE POWER TO DO SO! IT'S SO HEARTBREAKING AND TWISTED THE WAY THINGS HAVE CHANGED SO DRASTICALLY WITHIN THE LAST 20 YEAR'S! IT'S LIKE LIVING IN BETWEEN THE TWILIGHT ZONE, MIXED WITH BODY SNATCHERS!

  3. I’m a catholic and I think this video is completely crazy. You guys are really justifying this person saying Beyoncé, a complete human, is morphing in front of you? And you all are believing him. Watch her documentaries. Watch her behind the scenes videos. She prays before every show, every performance. After the show she tells the audience God bless you all. Just wow. Just because her face looks weird in still photos. You dance and record yourself. Look at stills of your face. Your face will not look normal either.

  4. I had these two dreams in March this year. I feel compelled to share.

    March 14, 2019

    Jay Z was driving me and my sister and someone around. When I got in the car he wanted me to sit in the front seat but I refused. I was at some building and I was running from some calamity and chaos. Then I pulled the fire alarm and there was some gel that came out onto my hands to mark me for pulling the alarm.

    March 16, 2019

    My name came up from celebrity cult Jay z was cursing me but fell sorry. I went home or somewhere to watch and my name in two different ways came across the screen. I was in shock as I watched my name come up as an assignment from hell. He said everything I would do would fail and cursed my life. Curses of failure, slander, set back. It was if I was watching him talk about how he had to ruin my life, but did not want to or something… So he is working for the devil completely. I didn’t sit through and watch because I was upset sad and angry. Then I was all of a sudden backstage at a Beyonce concert. It was crowded and dark. (I don't remember much during this part of the dream.)…

    …all of a sudden I was somewhere walking around being successful. I was ignoring Jay-z and others who prayed against me. !?!?!


    The Holy Spirit revealed to me that these people are not just selling their souls they are collecting virtues of believers and the souls of the masses. I pray and fast allot. I left new age, tarot, and numerology last year about 11 months ago. I have been under heavy spiritual attack in my dreams every single night. Occasionally I have prophetic dreams that come true 100% accurate. Mostly just demonic covenants that are trying to be established by the enemy.

    Just wanted to share this,


  5. That’s what I said!! When I was there!!! The whole Coachella felt like that. The symbolism is everywhere!!!! I felt that!! That’s exactly how I felt when I was there I knew everyone was worshipping the devil without their knowledge!!!

  6. That demon and Beyonce is dangerous and she can just be a strong enough to be the beast and if she's the beast people have to stop giving them to what is it lively things because there is spirits out there that warn other spirits are all coming together


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