What Happened to Christain rapper Pyrexx (Kodak Wyte) The Crews Hip Hop corner reported that Pyrexx had some choice words when it came to CHH and Lucky Murray is doing a what happened about Pyrexx. What happened and why does he not rep CHH I will have my belief below.

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  1. Amen I like what you're saying about how to reach a brother who's going through a trial. I pray for Pyrexx that he comes back to God! Thanks brother for explaining what's going on with him I've just seen a song recently that had a lot of swearing by Pyrexx and needed the clarity on what's going. Your video on him is very graceful and thats the God we serve!

  2. Absolutely and I actually sent him a message about "young guns" a program that one of my union brothers started in Seattle Washington for men who are just getting out of lockup and need a fresh start….we teach you the trades…Union
    Carpenters….with benefits and all. I am a union carpenter and I asked him to look into it. Reach out for any additional information. I am a part of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and we do take care of each other. We have apprenticeship programs that will teach you on the job training and will give you a living wage that you can provide for your family with pride. People fall and none of us are perfect so ya know as a sister in Christ I will help in anyway I can. I am not sure where Pyrexx is located but I am a delegate so I have contacts throughout the Western part at least. I can do my best. I know he has forklift experience right? We always need that in the trade absolutely

  3. Man, even in the beginning of the video, you can see the flaw in his thinking which leads to him falling away.. He said, "looks tight like this".. It's not about appearances at all friend. That's why you back out of CHH, too concerned with the appearance rather than the interior.

  4. As for right now he signed a deal with a non Christan label came out with two videos that were not close on being Christian , that being said I still have respect for him because this dude is a good dude he will be home soon.

  5. He dint fell. He slipped. The problem christiams artist have its they judge point fingers and all but wont reach out to help. They rather see u down than help. God will get him back. Prayers for Pyrex

  6. Hes doing his thing ive been bumping pyrexx before he was christian and i was bumping him while he was and still bump him yall say he needs to be saved motherfucker hes gotta feed his family


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