Did you know that people in eternity are aware of the fact that their loved ones are not saved? When people believe in Jesus on Earth, it is public knowledge in Heaven and when a person believes in Jesus on Earth, there is joy in Heaven! Someone may walk away from Christ for a time, but if they are a child of God, they will always return. Find out more in “What Heaven Knows About Earth” from Revelation 6–7


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  1. I believe that you shouldn't rely on your own understanding of revelation. You definitely misspoke about the symbolism in this book and John warns those that do so in this very book. Beware.

  2. 'If you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised him from the dead, you shall be saved.' God is so good. He gave us the free gift of salvation. All it takes is faith!

  3. I strongly believe that those in heaven see what's going here on earth. After all shall not the body of Christ, His church, follow behind Him when He does battle against all that have not believed in Him, and therefore have turned to worship the beast? We see our Lord defeat His enemies, and like those in heaven we sing praises to Him,. HE has never left His church, nor forsaken it.

  4. Pastor Greg I want to thank you so much for helping me understand the Bible I've tried reading it few times but just couldn't understand it. I have a reading disability when I read it doesn't stick in my head I have to read it several times and then I don't understand what I read. You read parts of the Bible and then explain what it means so then I can understand it.God Bless you Greg I watch you everyday and you have helped me bunches.

  5. Sometimes it's hard to feel the blessing of a message depending on who is delivering that message. With Pastor Greg Laurie, I always feel the message that God is wanting me to receive! Thank you so much!!!

  6. Thank you pastor Laurie & Harvest ministries. I enjoy your messages which help us these days with so much going on in the US & world. God continue to bless you as you minister feeding the people. May many more come to accept Jesus as their Lord!

  7. God Bless you sir, but you are terribly wrong about what the Bible teaches. Please keep studying. You will be held to a much higher standard.

  8. I really wish to call but that no is cost $5 for a minute so very expensive but I listened and I did pray and speak just like you said. God is wonderful all my life but I was running away for my judgment myself but he was really chasing me and forgiven me and I know he would still love me 😞😟

  9. But this Rapture is only purified person can enter or taken by it so how could we to be purified person?? Because I don’t want to let behind by it…. Because I might have a mortal sin and we are have it because nobody is perfect in this world. 😔🧐😟🤔

  10. And the preachers need to start teaching the revelations it will give you instructions how to clean the swamp in our government that was stolen from Christ no wonder we have these problems today because we have evil among us in our government into slavery don’t be afraid teach the people how to fight for our countries that we live in by Christ do it for Jesus Christ he died on the cross more than just our sins but he was here to free the slaves from evil

  11. Sorry once you die if you go to heaven and for a fact there is no weeping and crying in heaven your memory on earth will be gone it will be cleaned on earth as in heaven no memories of any sorrow and I don’t think the dead people are looking at people on earth if you were in heaven very sad I wouldn’t life goes on in heaven

  12. Read Ecclesiastes 9: 4/5,6 dead know nothing. It may be old bible, but it's God's word. There is no way God will allow the dead in Christ to see sorry, pain, hurt, tears, any more. So I disagree that heaven knows what's going on with earth. Dead in Christ have not been judged yet either. Paul said dead will rise first then we that remain. When Jesus comes for us. People read your Bible.


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