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MIKE BICKLE defines a Biblical TRANCE:

And I said, “What happened, Bob?” And he says, “You know how Peter in Acts 10 was taken up in a trance?”

In a trance you experience it like you are really experiencing it. I have had a trance or two in my days and in a trance, just to give a little instruction, you are awake. I haven’t had a lot of them but couple of them where I am in prayer and I have this sensation of falling asleep. But in this sensation of falling asleep I hear everything going on around me but I am fully experiencing something far way in a dream state. You hear the people talking around you. You hear the people praying on the mic.

You are going, “I am totally awake”- but I am in a full experiential mode. Like a high level, crisp dream experience but you hear everything around you. When the trance is over you are instantly alert. You are instantly right there fully alert and awake. It’s not like you are waking up from sleep. It’s a very different thing than a dream. But it has a powerful experiential dimension and you can be far away and yet you are hearing everything going on around you. It’s quite an odd thing.

How many of you ever had a trance?
I don’t mind that you might define a trance different but I am talking about a trance like Peter had in Acts 10. I had several of those and its strange when it touches you because you are not, kind of, one hundred percent sure what happened. Because you are just there praying to the Lord and all of the sudden you are experiencing fully, experiencing it in a techno-color dream and yet you are hearing everything. When it is over you are going, “What was that?” That is kind of little bit of that realm when Bob says, “I was there” because you really are doing something. But you are really in touch with everything that’s going on around you.

Prophetic History, 2002, session 7



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