For centuries people have sought to understand the mysterious symbols in the book of Revelation. Now, in these last days, details are becoming clear about the final beast empire. Many people speculated it would be a revived Roman Empire, but some shocking discoveries have led some Bible students to look elsewhere. In video 5 of our Prophetic Puzzle Series, Joel Richardson explains the geography the Bible points to as the location of the final beast Empire.
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  1. The prophet Daniel (chapter 7) describes the seven heads and ten horns of the four separate beasts. Concerning the first three beasts, the lion has one head (Babylon), the bear (Medo-Persia) has one head, and the leopard (Greece) has four heads. This gives a total of six heads (1+1+4 = 6 heads). The fourth beast, the terrible, dreadful beast ( Daniel 7:7-8) is the antichrist's kingdom and will have one head with ten horns. The four beasts have a collective seven heads and ten horns. The first three beasts lose dominion (the kingdoms run their course then go away.) However, they are granted an extension of life for the appointed time (Daniel 7:12). John, in Revelation 13:1-2, sees these same four beasts but are now joined into just one beast with seven heads and ten horns. Notice however this singular beast still has the characteristics of the lion, leopard, and bear. The appointed time is Daniel's seventieth week. The former kingdoms of Babylon, Medo-Persian, and Greece will join together in a confederacy to comprise the antichrist's kingdom. The meaning of the heads and horns does not change from Daniel to Revelation. Revelation 17 is not describing Egypt, Assyria, and Rome; the same kingdoms that Daniel referenced in his vision of the four beasts with seven heads and ten horns are the same in the singular beast of Revelation with seven heads and ten horns. The kingdom (head) that was still in existence at the time of John's writing of Revelation was the Parthian empire. The Parthian empire was part of the Seleucid empire which one of the four heads of the Greek empire (leopard). The Seleucid empire is also the empire from which the antichrist will come (Daniel 8).

  2. Thank You Dana and Joel for Bringing Balance and TRUTH to this Geography of the Final Kingdom in the Middle East and the Geography of the Kingdom of the Beast and the Beast himself! It is NOT the Whole Planet as some Falsely Teach! We must keep in Context!
    We KNOW 100% That it is NOT the Whole Planet that this Beast rules over and it is NOT the Whole Planet that is his Kingdom and it is NOT the Whole Planet that gives Servitude to the Beast! It is a REGIONAL Geographical Area! Jesus made it Clear that when the Abomination of Desolation takes place it is those that are in JUDEA that must Flee into the Wilderness for Protection for it is in Judea that there will be Great Tribulation as we Read in Daniel!

  3. Just as ISIS Raised an Army of Darkness from many Nation's so will the Anti-christ, Isa jesus. Beast, 12th Imam Mahdi Beast Caliph, Gather Raise an Army of Darkness from all Nation's ! Islam !

  4. The Bible is Literal this isn’t a puzzle riddle or exaggeration it means just what it says.. it also says you will know the end is near whenever Rome aligns itself with Israel.. The American nation is the new Rome this has happen the US Embassy was moved in Israel to Jerusalem… Antichrist Throne is already set one world religion an one world order which is what we should be talking about..The third Temple is going to be started soon..

  5. All those that take the mark of the beast will be his army he will bring them all to surround Israel.. This is after Satan comes into the Temple of God to claim himself as God an will setup a statue of himself…

  6. Jesus said that God made unclear to the Pharisees an teachers of the law Gods word yet made his word clear to even small children… So what seems a riddle to you may be very plain to another this isn’t that ones so much smarter then all those it’s unclear to but that they practice keeping the lords law that they truly know an love God so God makes seen to them what is unseen by many…


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