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  1. his voters still side with him after all this… J35513 MAR13 P41LL1P5 a registered democrat covert-narcissist for example. wake up people and clean-house. both men and women of multiple nationalities are in the circles… possibly your neighbor and/or someone you "least expect"

  2. Biden makes me sick! To be crude, he is pulling little girls close to his penis for obvious reasons…. Why is this not all over the news??! There is one video that has Jeff Sessions walking by Biden with his granddaughter. Biden reaches out, trying to draw her to him and Sessions jumped forward and pulled his granddaughter say NO to Biden! They say it's the worst kept secret in DC.
    So why the hell hasn't he been arrested?!?

  3. And the children wont complain or tell on him cause they suspect no one would believe them if they say the Vice POTUS was touching them inappropriately. Predators seek positions of authority for that very reason…to elevate themselves above suspicion and accusation.

  4. Catholicism has tons of pedophiles. I went to the church and it was very obvious that the priests were pedophiles. The alterboys at this downtown church in Columbus Ohio looked like they won some boy beauty contest and I was shocked when these obviously sick priests were cavorting with these little boys. Catholicism has these demonic garbage holidays all involved with inappropriate contact with children such as taking candy from strangers at Halloween or sitting on Santa’s lap that they want to bully you into participating in. The Pope during Martin Luther’s time as a Catholic was said to have little boys jump out of cakes to be sexually assaulted. A friend in the Peace Corp told of how in Latin America the poor villagers handed their kids over to Priests who lived like Kings knowing full well that was going to happen. Additionally I worked with illegal immigrants who were not old enough to drive a car and were having sex with 45 year old coworkers with some in their mid twenties already grandmothers. Sick!

  5. There is video of Jeff Sessions swatting Pervert Joe's hand away from his granddaughter and walking her away from him quickly after giving him a WTF look!

  6. That little girl in the black and red dress, black on top, he is pinching that little girl's nipple and she pulls away like 4 times he pinches and rubs her nipple! The parents need to sucker punch that old pervert!

  7. He claims it was not his intention to cause any harm. But inappropriate or illegal behavior is not about intentions but about the acts themselves and how they hurt others. Certainly many people who commit crimes commit them without thinking, but crimes are still crimes.

  8. A study into the subject of "age of consent" will reveal that certain states in the eastern US were very slow to raise the age to an appropriate point in a child's development. One even hung onto age seven for far too long. Better that a millstone be tied around the neck and be thrown in the deep sea, than to bring this kind of harm to one of these children.

  9. wow my respect for obama rose a little bit. he obviously is a shill for presenting the award, but we can see he must not have had a choice. at least he tried to slip in the truth about biden that obama (w two beautiful daughters of his own) must have figured out by the end of his terms.

  10. Biden needs to go to prison no body should ever. Touch little girls or little boys lock this pervet biden up now biden is a disgrace to the whole world he has been doing this for many years why hasn't this pervet been arrest on what he has done to these children some body needs to get this done and arrest biden now


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