If you are a Christian single girl or guy, what should you do when you like someone? Here are 3 tips.

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  1. God doesn’t change his mind his word is final not to dating but I’m saying in general God doesn’t change his mind unless the person is unwilling to follow through because he will not force take David and sol. Even when you look all through out the Bible when God makes up his mind regardless of the people saying I can’t do it he works with them. He will prepare you. Evrything you are saying seems so backwards like do you know the nature of who God is; God πŸ˜‚ like you really said β€œGod can change his mind. First of all if God brings you a word he doesn’t change his mind because he knew the end before the beginning get the facts wrote. So you should pray about it and read his word just a little more.

  2. Im lost how about my scenario can some help me?

    I have a girl that i like as the times goes by i have a confident on communicating with her and asking her identity, i was smooth for the first week, we did talk about our difference and about us, we both admitted that we like each other but on next follow week things change, she chatted me that shes been thinking all day on how to say this to me (about that we are in the wrong timing and she have priorities on life career) so after that chat about our feelins is to fast she did hold her feelings back all of a sudden, and i begun to feel hurt that moment, as the time goes by since she is my work mate i do wait for her always on her breaks and lunch break just to give her a quality time, i began to talk to her anout whats going on, on why she did hold back so we talk in person as i take my step, she told be that i did nothing wrong or did some red flag for her to be turned off its just that the factt he she said that we wil be in a different path because she is going to take a steps to his father that died last year of july 2020 because she wanted to become a soldier a navy. Its was a long story i could tell more is this tory of mine will be heard of. Thank you for those who take time to read it.

  3. Thanks Mark for another wonderful word!
    I've prayed for months about the specific person I like, and feel like I should wait a little bit mainly because of our ages and getting to know each other better, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't do little things like talk to them and take a genuine interest in that person and making connections with them. The only real plan I've come up with is trying to talk to them or even say 'hi' every time I see them, and to text them once a month so they don't get annoyed lol! I'll now readjust my plan to what God wants for me and my life, as well as his life. And yes, when God tells you to do something, go out and do it! My biggest fears about this though is if God told me to tell him that I've had feelings for him is rejection, ruining our friendship our my other friends judging me. May God rest upon this, give me revelation! God bless if you've read my whole paragraph! πŸ™

  4. "Yes, be open to date that guy… but then nothing happened." I think this is my and my parents' biggest fear. Maybe I'm so stuck on only dating "the one" that I miss the opportunity to form guy friendships and grow in that experience even if he's not my future husband.

  5. hi mark! i know i’m three years lateπŸ˜… i currently have a crush on this guy that i’ve known for a couple years but only recently got to know better. at the start, i told God that i will let Him do his thing and that i will offer our possible relationship to Him and whatever His will was for us. i asked Him to tell me whether or not he is meant to be but i heard God say β€œno” or β€œnot yet”. i’m not sure if God said not yet him or not yet now, or if i just heard God wrong. i don’t know if i should still like the guy either or if i should still put in effort to get to know him better even if i feel like he’s not interested. i’ve just been so affected by the whole situation since i haven’t liked anyone like this for a long time and i just need advice. hope you see this soon!

  6. Im 24yrs I really like a guy that I've went to school with since 2nd grade all the way through high school. I trusted Christ 2yrs going on 3yrs in 2022, and I've been going to church. I didn't know it but this guy that I've went to school with all these years goes to my same church. I've been praying about it and asking for Gods direction, but I found myself really self conscious because I'm overweight and this guy I like is skinnier than me. Any advice? This has been really weighing on my Heart I'm afraid to be honest.

  7. I think there’s a balance. I have looked online and you can see someone’s character by how the communicate and by what they post. It has saved me heartache and helped me to move on…
    When you look at their β€œ likes” and see Playboy, it’s a β€œ red flag” to me and it’s helped me realize they are not the one for meπŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  8. 1. Pray about it and consult the word of God. Pray about how God wants you to apply those principles.
    2. Create a tentative plan from what was learned from the word and prayer, and follow through on that plan. Plan can be changed based on any new information revealed as time goes on. We need to be humble enough to admit we may have heard God wrong, or God can change the plan/situation as He wills. Be willing to assess and adjust the plan. Hold things loosely.
    3. If you feel God is giving you a green light to proceed, then do something. Talk to them. Invite them out. Then gather information on reality by doing this.

    I really like this strategy of remaining very close to Jesus through the whole process, because feelings/emotions can tend to take over and pull us away from God. Has happened to me countless times. Thanks!

  9. I’ve been praying about someone I know & not sure about him. There’s a few things I normally wouldn’t be open to about him so just trying to see where God leads. I’ve kinda felt the β€œgo ahead” but this morning I was praying & just felt like he’s not the one. I could be wrong but idk. I haven’t seen anything in circumstances or in him yet so idk yet since it’s only been a few weeks since I’ve been interested & I still don’t know him well.

  10. I am often confused by what a godly relationship is supposed to look like because I have never been in one before. But God is not a fortune teller and He doesn't promise us that our desires will always align with his will for your life. I think that both people have to yes, be attracted to each other and like spending time together but if God is not at the center it will probably not work out. I have been through some pretty dark and lonely times but l can't let that push me into a relationship that wasn't meant to be. If there is no love there is no light.

  11. 1) ask God
    2) knowing from fruits
    3) make a plan for god glory
    4) keep listen to God if there is new information (exmple:he is not from God)
    5) God can allow u to be with him at first just to let u know about him (his character) God also can told u "ok it's enough, done with him"

  12. When I like someone… I ask God to lower the sound of my inner desire, heighten His voice and reveal the person's character. Never took it further than that because I genuinely didn't want a romantic relationship until recently. I have to be better πŸ˜†. I'm really good at ignoring my feelings but am now willing and ready to date.


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