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What will happen to all 11 statues of Sir John A. Macdonald in Canada?


What will happen to all the 11 statues Of Sir John A Macdonald, who have been toppled by protesters and or removed by multiple city councils?

Recently, the Recognition Response Framework of the city of Montreal has released their recommendation regarding the statue of John A Macdonald who was toppled by ‘’defund the police’’ protester in 2020, in Canada park in Montreal. They recommended not putting back the statue to where it was.

Regarding this event, mister Legault and Justin Trudeau have condemned the vandalism action toward the statue.

Doug Ford had opened his arm to receive the Montreal statue on the land of Ontario, but he never did.

Many politicians have defended the first prime minister Macdonald statue, saying that it is a part of our history same if some bad actions have been done by him.

Every Child Matter, Defund the Police, Black Live Matter movements, have targeted the multiple statues across Canada. Politicians have mentioned that they will not comply to the vandalism, and they will reinstall the statues. But same after many months and years for some, the statues are not back and the one in Queens Park in Toronto, still stand in a wood boxes tomb, hidden from the eyes of the population.

This report relates the story of all 11 statues in Canada and we asked people in Montreal is they would love to see the statue back to where it was standing for more than 100 years. 

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