What You Need To Know About The Book Of Revelation

The book revelations is a book the that reveals Jesus to use. As children of God we should live by the commandments he left. Jesus left two great commandments the first was Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment and the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’

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  1. It’s been awhile since I repent, I’ve hated cops, our evil government, fornicate, etc. forgive me, for everyone will fall dead to the almighty and it then might be too late. It is better to cut your eyes out then lose the whole body.

  2. Glory to thee Almighty, the heavenly high

    The great creator, the true redeemer

    the holy supreme being and righteous judge

    the alpha and omega, the beginning and ending of all

    How truly thankful we have to be for you,

    for you have given us everything,

    for you have provided us with life,

    we did not deserve this, yet you gave with your infinite love,

    Oh how thankful we need to be,

    for life is just truly phenomenally amazing,

    from the light that lights this world to the trees that convert oxygen for us to breath

    from the great whales of the ocean to the microscopic organisms

    everything you have created,

    Oh how thankful we have to be, life is truly unbelievable,

    from the expressive sunsets of humbling awe,

    to the beauty that is of women and men.

    You created the animals and all have unique characters,

    how your spirit must be of infinite wisdom

    and your love is heavenly powerful and selfless

    Why is your love so unimaginably offered for us,

    you have made a world of created life, and given everything from your knowledge and the deepest purist love, your love breathed everything into existence, and how can we be so thankful to you.

    How can any of our prayers even utter even a hint of what it takes toward thanking you for your love so selflessly given.

    How can we honor you for even a hint of Glory for what you deserve.

    Words cannot be imagined to express how amazing you are

    You are the heavenly creator, our father, the holy word of truth and life.

    For your breath has blessed us with the gift of life,

    for your thoughts have designed us, and your love has provided us with the means to sustain our life.

    How thankful we have to be, for we deserved nothing, but still you gave us the gift of life.

    I can't give you enough praise for even a speck of what you deserve, I wish the world cried out thanks and praise to you. Except the world seeks to praise themselves.

    We disowned your laws of love and pushed you away for our own prideful desires, we chose a life of self seeking pleasure and satanic principles, we chose to profain your good name and to worship idols of falsehood and death, we sought that of the sinful one to help torment your love,

    we have dishonored you by our own prideful lusts and yet you gave your only begotten son to offer a way to help us, our undeserving race.

    You gave up your throne of unimaginable glory to seek to save your creation.

    You have taken for our sake the suffering of the greatest humiliation, one which we cant even begin to understand.

    Your redemption plan for us is truly, from infinate love and purest giving.

    Thank you our heavenly father, for the giving of your life that was laid down to save us.

    Thank you for your righteous ways of love and taking on humiliation at the severest for us,

    We can't even begin to understand the enormity of your acts for our redemption.

    Your plan to save those of us that love you is incredibly humbling,

    I can't bring out enough words to say thank you,

    I thank you with every bit of my emotional expressing.

    Thank you for your way, your truth, and your light,

    Please may you forgive me for being short for the words of praise.

    We on earth are a generation that seeks to want,

    we want everything, and somewhat without a thankful heart,

    we are a generation who takes pride in ourselves.

    Even the professed believer in you seeks to to be saved by themselves.

    Which is truly not good, when you hear the words Jesus saved me,

    he came and died for me and has saved me.

    Well this is a prideful thing to say, yes prideful like the first sin.

    If we truly believe in the Lord, then we must understand that we need to be respectful toward you,

    for you are the Creator and the giver of life, we must remember that we didn't deserve life,

    Life has been given to us. And we must believe in his word with a humble spirit,

    For even those that cry Lord, lord, in the day of judgement he might say, “I did not know you”.

    In order to be saved through the blood sacrifice of the Lord Almighty we need to be truly thankful for his giving, I mean we need to understand that the Lords creation was from purest giving, and his plan for redemption is also from purist giving,

    Blessed is he that understands.

    We have to honestly believe that we are not good enough to be saved, Then that will allow us to relinquish our pride and encourage the need of the holy spirit, the righteous spirit, the spirit of truth and humility.

    We need to pray with thankfulness for all his giving, everything that we have received in our lives, for the giving of our everything.

    We need to have the sincerest heart for thankfulness, and sorrow for what we have done to disrespect the great and true creator, this will the Lord understand as a pure cry for his help.

    Through the saviour we can become animated with a new life from within.

    but this will not to be used as a show to the world, but will be a prayerful sacred seal between you and him.

    Although forgiven our soul is marred. But sorrow is good for the heart. It keeps us sincere

    We must never take for granted that we are saved.,

    For there is a way that seems right to man but leads only to death.

    We must continually pray respectfully and always with thankfulness, remember that we have been given everything and everything we have was given.

    We must never take for granted the greatest depths for salvation that has been offered for our disrespectful race.

    I can't do justice for the praise our Creator deserves for that which is our life.

    If you understand this teaching and wish to learn a bit more then here is a letter for you.


  3. The book is about Jesus and all the prophecies about him. That's Revelation
    Its focus isn't the Apocalypse. As a matter of fact the Greek word Apocalypse means Revelation not end times, which is why the book is called Revelation. It does hint what will happen in the end times but then again the whole bible does that, it hints the end since the beginning, but its entire focus is of Jesus. Which is why you can reveal ( Revelation ) Jesus in every book.

  4. I’m here now during the riots going on and I’m thinking to myself not to religious, but I’m only 13 thinking that world can end so comment your thoughts of how you feel about life as we know it now and to come. Stay safe 🙂

  5. WHY – OH WHY MUST YOU SCREAM NON STOP? No wonder people do not understand the Bible. It's difficult to read and when others recite the Bible they SCREAM or TALK SO FAST you have no chance to comprehend what is being said!

  6. 🌺🌺🌺 Yehoshua fulfilled all four of the spring moedim when he came the first time and he will fulfill the fall moedim when he returns

    All four! Not only Pesach, but also the next 3 – Unleavened Bread (when he lay in the grave) First Fruits (when he rose and presented his first fruits offering to the Father) and Shavuot (also called pentecost)

    And don't forget about the four days of inspection which began on the 10th day of the first month, just as the Levite priests had been instructed for centuries

    I was raised catholic, but I never learned all that. I wish I had, I missed so much! All in Yah's time, oh well.

    All glory honor and praise to Yehovah the Father of Lights ❤❤❤

  7. Jesus is a massenger only, he was born without a father just like Adam the first human. So please stop claiming lies! The Omnipotent Omniscient Omnipresent Creator Has not begotten a son nor a wife we are all His creations and He can change us in a blink of an eye.

  8. What you need to know about the revelation, is that there is a nuclear or automic war, in which one third of humanity will die in just one hour by fire and brimstone.
    Revelation chapter 18v, 17a to 19. In a one hour war by fire, is nuclear war, after that there will be radiation poisoning everywhere. Tribulation such as never before seen. Killing people and fish in the ocean. S most chips are nuclear powered,

  9. Interesting… he mentioned 65 books… I’ve heard that there are actually 65 books purposely left out of the bible and have been hidden in the Vatican all this time… but…now have been exposed… just not to the public yet🙏🏼

  10. Jesus is king and he is my savior! I know he will save us but I’m scared I’m a momma to a little one and with everything that’s going on including HR 6666 and the government trying to trace us and try to come in our homes and try to take our kids away I’m scared! I’m trying to give it all to the Lord bc the battle belongs to him but for some reason I’m terrified. I’m saved and born again , I need some peace… Lord please hear my cries

  11. God help me flee fornication, smoking pot, and being a friend with the world. Believe it or not being sober is really important. You open doors for the enemy when you are not sober. It leads you to fornicate without marriage, lies, being a friend with a world which means befriending the enemy. It leads to destruction. Jesus Christ saved me from damnation!!!!


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