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  1. You need to study my friend. God is Woman's video and song isn't something about religion, Ariana just wanted to make a song about women's power, she's a feminist and being a feminist it's not about being above to men but equal. So this "God is Woman situation" it's not about your theories. She just said with that song indirectly that God actually is supposed to be a man right? Even though i think that God is actually a spirit but let's say that he's a man, and God is supposed to be the creator of the world right? But actually if the life comes from women (because woman are necessary to create a new life obviously) so that means that women are "Gods" too. You understand? If God is male and he's the creator but to create we need womens too, so God is Woman too. That's my thought and I'm pretty sure Ariana Grande was trying to say what I explained in this comment. I hope y'all understood, please next time do not make fast conclusions, and yeah that's it, peace and love.

  2. I don't understand why and how,I live in India, you all say there's Jesus Christ, Muslim says there's Allah, we say jay shree ram, so what's the difference, there is a creator, man or woman, but we don't know……

  3. Why worship the creation when the Creator is so great. He is the King of Kjngs.. he is Jesus Christ. Anyone else is a imitation. The blasphemy is so outrageous that we must be near judgement. They certainly know exactly what they are doing. When people show you who they are believe them. They are showing you their belief in evil, how can we not conclude that God is what they are hiding. Don’t be deceived. Pray for discernment and for those of us left with faith in the true God. We are soon going to be picking our crosses up to follow God. You can’t serve 2 masters.

  4. Ariana doesn’t blatantly mean that God IS a woman,its a song title and no,i’m not denying that ariana is satanic but maybe your in the wrong for this one//the song means power amongst women , ariana even made an interlude called “female” in her dangerous woman tour and it followed “never asking for it” “powerful” GIAW is about changing the way that many other women are presented as,and women standing together in sexism today

  5. I don't want to be hating but I think you should know that Ariana Grande has the right to make her own music and not be judged by others. Plus, we shouldn't argue about the gender of God. I mean, how does listening to God Is A Woman even affect us? Not to spread hate but this video is REALLY HATEFUL to Ariana. This video changes NOTHING I think of Ariana Grande. Isn't God all about spreading love, not hate?

  6. Why do y’all believe this stuff. See all types of videos on YouTube about celebrities being in the illuminati and all that. But I also noticed that some you tubers are doing this just for views.

  7. The devil is a Christian concept and devil worshipping is one of the MANY damaging things introduced by Christianity and the bible. Christianity (and organised religion in general) was gradually inflicted on the purposefully dumbed down masses (and still is) as a way to control them and repress peaceful and prosperous matriarchal societies by introducing a damaging patriarchal agenda preoccupied with repressing women and the divine feminine, and gaining power over the masses, ultimately creating a global slave system that serves only the rich elite.

  8. She made a video for women power you idiots. I'm even not her fan, but her video is made for women equality. She showed women can be same powerful as male. Women are mother, they controls the creation. Everyone was made from a woman. If god was a man why did he created women the. He should created man. its very sad that some women are against it. The meaning of this video is worship women = worship satan. Worshiping man =worshiping God. Nice logic.


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