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  1. wht it is, is these ppl have been taking soy protein that has high levels of estrogen, when mixed with steroids has verry odd effects.i know what you are saying, why does the woman have the prob.the fat distribution is erradic when estragen levels are high.instead of fat distributed equaly along the muscle,yoy actually get fat pockets."man boobs" this is a curse from monsanto's gmo soy!

  2. I don’t know what it is in particular,but when the industry wants to remove God and play His role out as if we don’t need Him,then the unknown is at your door.

    Don’t spend to much time on this one brother. Diversions are everywhere,especially in the entertainment and prevalently their father is satan. You play with the world and satan,eventually it’s a bust deal because it will fall in and you missed the beautiful,brief availability of salvation by grace through Christ. The choice is there’s 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. You’re very right. Thank you so much for sharing God blesses you even more. No we might not know the exact answer, but the truth of the matter stands. There’s something dangerous going on and they (the celebrities) don’t speak about it and only continue to promote them over and and over. They cover the effects. We fall for it. The effects kind of show and we Glorify it thinking we’re doing it right. I hope people wake up and question things before it’s too late. Take care of yourself people

  4. Hormones…due to being transgender and the indentations and breast scars are from having them removed. Males that are born true Males should NEVER have a high waistline and females born females do NOT get the Adonis Belt or the "V" on the abs….one dead giveaway. Research the Transgender Agenda 🙂

  5. A friend of mine is more of an athlete in general but he’s a body builder as well, technically. He has never taken any supplements and he’s totally ripped. He has always told me that you don’t need that crap, which is true.


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