What’s REALLY Happened To Blueface in Jail..

Rapper Blueface has no doubt had a crazy year. From getting arrested to getting in public fights and being in the headlines about his toxic relationships, the man hasn’t caught a break all year. And just when he thought he was going to breathe some fresh air with his new show coming out, he was caught on attempted murder charges. Keep watching till the end of this video to see What’s REALLY Happening To Blueface in Prison. Trust me; you don’t want to miss this!

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  1. I swear they should take down every false advertising video from YouTube. If the Description and Caption and intro don't actually deliver in the video..that click bait should be removed. You're stealing money and people's time..

  2. I hope if and when he get out he stopped messing with everybody that had their hands in his dough and they ain't help pay nothing for them to let him sit in jail and they ain't pay nothing with all that money he was spending he better not rock when they're none of them and I don't care who it is

  3. Funny that TMZ dudes video he was trying to get the cops to believe he never did anything wrong even though it was attempted murder charges…those are no small charges dude lol can’t let that slide I’m just surprised people still defend this creep

  4. Here's a perfect example my young Brothers lifestyle like this it is not worth it knowledge is power education is the pathway the worst thing you can take away from a man is his freedom stay in school real talk


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